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Alex Bellingham

Bio UI & Graphic Designer for Virtual Reality, Stereoscopic 3D & 2D applications - link to my Behance, LinkedIn & Medium below


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UI Design: Plates ———— Self-driven UI project I’ve been working on recently with a fictional brand called “Plates” - a sleek yet traditional website that provides seven unique recipes each week. . ———— Find out more about the design process on my Behance and Medium - link in bio. ————


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Created this fun little Noughts&Crosses loading icon which continues to lose until the content is ready to load 😶 Check out the design process over on my Medium (link in bio)


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UI Design: X days of yoga. A yoga app to encourage the creation of a new habit. Check out my Medium articles to see my extensive design process. Also find me on Behance. Link in my bio.

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Promotional Cardboard VR Viewer - Project Morpheus: Cardboard Edition Prior to the announcement that Project Morpheus' official product name will be called "PlayStationVR", we wanted a token of appreciation for those who attended our team's GDC 2015 talks about developing for VR. We felt the 20th Anniversary of PlayStation to be a perfect tie-in and I was set the brief to translate both themes of VR and the 20th Anniversary onto a cardboard VR viewer. ____________________ Check out the link in my bio for Behance, LinkedIn and Medium for more insights into my projects

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Logo Design: Immersive Technology Group (Sony PlayStation) The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming team at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe required a new logo and identity to represent the transition of the team's role from 3D Gaming to Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies, and as UI & Graphic designer on the team I was tasked with creating the new identity. ____________________ Check out the Behance link in my bio for more insight into this design

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UI Design: Time2Rest App. A rest-timer app created for gym-goers; create a group of timers to track each set or just set a simple timer. Check out my Medium article to see my design process or my Behance to see the full UI screens. Link in my bio. ____________________

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Company Logo Design: White Paper Games After releasing their first game "EtherOne", Manchester-based games developer White Paper Games began work on their second title "The Occupation" which was announced in March 2017. In preparation for the announcement and it's release, White Paper Games wanted a redesign of their old logo. As White Paper Games are a small team, the origami crane was a huge part of their existing identity and changing that visual identity would have been a risk given the success of their first game. Instead, we opted for the redesign to be representative of the growth of the team into a more sophisticated and professional group, keeping the origami crane and maintaining a visual that was so core to their own identity, particularly from their beginnings. ____________________ Check out the link in my bio for Medium, Behance & LinkedIn

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Manchester-based games developer White Paper Games wanted a logo for their first-person, narrative driven video game "The Occupation" "The occupation is a politically driven, first-person, narrative game set in 1980’s north-west England in which you play as a whistleblowing journalist." . ______________________________ .

image by Alex Bellingham (@penguinchilli_designs) with caption : "Daily UI Challenge: Calculator

I'm overall happy with the end product; perhaps needs a brighter end to the background g" - 1584224859201039370
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Daily UI Challenge: Calculator I'm overall happy with the end product; perhaps needs a brighter end to the background gradient but I like the outcome. Check out my Medium article (link in bio) to see my design process. ________________________________