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Bio My name is Manny, my crew & I take ordinary renovations & make them extraordinary. In short we make it…HARDCORE. Renovations That Last Generations™️


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image by Hardcore Renos™️ (@hardcorerenos) with caption : "I take a lot of pride in making things as custom as possible.
Here is a view from below inside the powder room under the" - 1697204503101910051
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I take a lot of pride in making things as custom as possible. Here is a view from below inside the powder room under the main stairs. We couldn't complete this room until the gorgeous stairs went in, now that they are in we can run the vent pipe, electrical and exhaust fan run. This is the smallest powder room I have ever designed and built, we are at the minimum on length and width. It is just perfect enough for a toilet on the left and a wall mounted vanity on the right and a very beautiful feature wall. There will be a pocket door of course, once again all about the space or lack there of. All of that exposed brick will receive another design idea, it was approved yesterday so watch for what unfolds on that wall during the finishing stage. Here is a hint...back light something over something and boy it will be something. I love being a contractor.


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I've always said, I don't build homes, I build teams. Yesterday morning, Marco from @dgrconcreteforming had a plan to get 19 tonnes of stone into the basement of the We didn't want the stone on the front yard so it can then be carried into the basement, besides we can't fit 19 tonnes on the front yard. Anyone that has followed along online or visited the site knows how tight the mutual driveway is and how small the front yard is. Yesterday morning the team arrives at 6:45am and finds two vehicles parked right tight to the mutual driveway. 6:55am the stone slinger arrives on site. 6:56am the team is standing around scratching our heads. 7:02am a plan was hatched. 7:07am the stone slinger was backed up as close to the front yard with the conveyor belt maneuvered into the basement opening  and Marco was at the bottom of the street directing traffic away from the street. At the beginning of this video watch the top left corner to see the conveyor belt sliding into home base. 7:10am the stone slinger rock n rolled and 19 tonnes of stone was shot into the basement. 7:30am the stone slinger was emptied and off the street and Marco was freezing standing outside being as nice as possible to the traffic. No vehicles, neighbours, egos were harmed in the delivery of 19 tonnes of stone so we can begin the drains. That is a TEAM you want building your home! Thank you to everyone @dgrconcreteforming and everyone that you bring to the table, 100% ROCKSTARS!


image by Hardcore Renos™️ (@hardcorerenos) with caption : "As part of the "white" reno we have the master ensuite with so many cool details.
One of which is the perimeter linear d" - 1695959078222993319
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As part of the "white" reno we have the master ensuite with so many cool details. One of which is the perimeter linear drain in this 4X4 shower I designed and Paul from Turbo Plumbing made happen for me. I will be getting back on track with this and first up, tiling the floor with a gorgeous @mudtile that I found @ciot.toronto @ciot1950 Mosaic tiling needs to be ramped up a bit more so I'm not only doing a tillable linear perimeter drain from @schlutersystemsna I will also be continuing the pattern of the mosaic into the shower. And if that's not enough, I will be stopping by my good friends @aodstone to custom water jet a phrase into this very mosaic tile. Man...I make things

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Here is the new basement AKA 3rd Floor height. @dgrconcreteforming is just about completed the underpinning details and all of the UpTurns. You can clearly see how much more space we get by going this route. Sure we have a bit of water now, with all of the warmer temps after those stupid colder temps. Water filtered it’s way through the exterior weeping. Drains are going in today, inspection on Monday. Full day today, as we have a lot runs for such a small area. 2 3 piece bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and the mechanical room set up. Going with 5 clean outs and a new interior weeping and drainage board set up. Extremely happy with the way this turned out and can’t wait to get the whole mechanical team in once the framing goes up.

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Let the taping begin. Rob from @rosatidrywall got started on the plastering and the rooms are really taking shape. Thanks guys for doing such an amazing job. I love this calm before the finishing storm. As Robs works away I am tweaking some areas in anticipation of the finishing. The creative hamster is seriously spinning on the

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And the mud begins. Rob from @rosatidrywall and co work their taping skills on the main floor. Now that we have temperatures back to seasonal, the underpinning is nearly complete we can clear things on the main floor and make room for mud, lots and lots of mud. Nice to be at this stage of the renovation, this is when creative juices begin to rush. Stay tuned.

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This is great @dricore_products introduced a pro crack repair kit late last year. Here is a display from showing how easy this kit is. The actual carbon fibre once it is coated in the 2 part epoxy that section of concrete becomes the strongest part of the concrete foundation wall assembly. The great folks at Dricore walked me through the steps and this is easy and something to consider when you come across a crack on site. Worth checking this out.

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This used to be a stucco ceiling and I believe everyone knows how much I dislike stucco ceilings. Once we scraped the stucco we discovered the drywallers way back when only did a single coat of mud. So now I had to skim this whole celling a few times to fix things and then work the mud to help level things out as the roof trusses were off too. Lovely Lovely Lovely ceiling. Now it's all done and and the poplar crown is all prepped and everything is ready for primer.

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If anyone had a chance to stop by the @ariavent booth in Orlando at the Show you got to see their very cool floor, wall, celling vents. They did also have this brand new drywall vent. Check out this video where I am installing 3 of them at the 2 vents in a wall and one in the barrel celling. Incredibly easy to install and extremely slick looking. Love them. Made of metal and powder coated white. I simply screw the unit in, making sure it's square, mesh tape over the perforated flange and then a coat of mud. Repeat the mud and sand then it is ready for prime and paint. I was told these cool vents will be available in March but follow @ariavent right here on IG to see when you can preorder. Thanks guys for turning something that is an eye sore into part of the design.

image by Hardcore Renos™️ (@hardcorerenos) with caption : "During the 360 video of the current stage of the "white" reno you may have noticed the 2 custom doors leaning up against" - 1691594748798962792
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During the 360 video of the current stage of the "white" reno you may have noticed the 2 custom doors leaning up against the vanity wall. Here is the view of where those doors will end up. We wanted to max out the width of the opening and making it a single door wouldn't be cool, so we opted for these 2 smaller ones and frosted the glass to allow sunlight down the hallway. I will be installing cremone bolts on the inside of both of these doors, black satin finish. A nice contrast detail against the white environment inside.

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You may have noticed that the top riser is higher than the subfloor? That is the actual height of the finished radiant flooring. In preparation of the @schlutersystemsna we needed to make sure that the stairs and other key areas finish at the same new rough height. It will be a bit odd and awkward on site for a little while because of this bump until we get @mackconstructionsinc in site to pour the concrete but we need that bump for now.