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Bio Vegan for the animals ❤️🌱 Animal Activist Artist


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image by Belinda (@belinda_vegan) with caption : "Why is it that those who care so little, sleep so well at night?
And those that care so much, are forever haunted by the" - 1693316875443767213
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Why is it that those who care so little, sleep so well at night? And those that care so much, are forever haunted by the images of oppression, suffering, and death. Caption ➡️⬅️ ➡️⬅️ _ Photo @earthlingsfilm - This photo was taken on 10/29/17 at a vigil for pigs with @laanimalsave, the Los Angeles chapter of @thesavemovement. Check to see if a group exists near you. Bearing witness is something everyone should do. Thank you @sarah_jane_hardt for the photo. -


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@Regranned from @vswolf - @animal.radical ・・・ A male polar bear is closing in on a female bear and her offspring. She knows if he catches them he will kill her babies. But she has gravity and his massive size in her favor. _ See what happens in this clip from the film “Snow Bears” courtesy of John Downer Productions. _ -

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------------Swipe 👈 "The greatest ethical test that we're ever going to face is the treatment of those who are at our mercy."- Lyn White _ Courtesy of @mk_macabre 🙏 Repost from by ・・・

image by Belinda (@belinda_vegan) with caption : "@Regranned from @worldanimalnews -  Some of the shocking images are difficult to see, others should have never aired on " - 1693262236002504915
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@Regranned from @worldanimalnews - Some of the shocking images are difficult to see, others should have never aired on CNN because the scenarios which played out in the film should not have been allowed to occur in the first place.- - This is the controversial documentary Trophy, which debuted on CNN last night. - An American hunter talking about how God created animals for us to have dominion over, crying tears of joy after killing an unsuspecting lion and countless other endangered species including an elephant, was sickening to watch. A live blindfolded rhino having his horns sawed off for profit. A hunter cheered on by his group after shooting an elephant who lies nearby moaning in pain and dying.- - The Born Free Foundation, and 28 conservation leaders, representing millions of concerned citizens worldwide, urged CNN to reconsider airing Trophy.- - Travers spoke to WAN’s Katie Cleary after the Born Free Gala In London this past year and Cleary was shocked to learn that Trophy seemed to be very misleading to the public with really no other viewpoint but that of the Trophy Hunters who seemingly hunt to fulfill some kind of sick high they get from killing an endangered species. “When I watched the film last night on CNN, my concern was met with anger,” said Cleary, President of Peace 4 Animals & WAN, “that Travers and other activists only had a very brief chance to give their side of the story for the animals’ sake, and seem to be edited out of the shockumentary almost entirely without giving the audience an accurate viewpoint of the real conservationists who are fighting every day to save these species from extinction.”- - Cleary went on to say, “The time is critical, we have another five years left before we may lose the big 5 in Africa to poaching and trophy hunting alltogether, we must act now the try and save these species before it’s too late. The real people who are working hard to save these animals are those on the front lines of the fight, the anti-poaching units on the ground in Africa, and the animal welfare organizations fighting behind them. We must put our efforts toward supporting them, not the people who kill these animals for so-called “spo

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@Regranned from @jane_doe7x - Think about what happens in a SLAUGHTER- HOUSE. Workers beat or goad animals onto the kill floor by jabbing them with electrically charged rods in their face, bodies and genitals. They throw, pull or drag them by their legs, ears or snouts onto that kill floor, shoot a bolt into their brain (often unsuccessfully), shackle their legs, hoist them upside down, stick a knife in their throat, cut them open, bled them to death, hack off their legs, hack off their heads, slice the skin off their bodies (often while they are fully conscious). Then move on to the poor innocent who is next on the production line. How sick is it that there is such a thing as a "production line", where animals are violently reduced to nothing at fast speeds for profit? It's not a production line, it's not food, it's not a right, it's not a holocaust. The largest, longest running holocaust throughout history, only the victims go unnoticed. Well, no more. It's time to take notice. Do you respect animals or not? Do you love animals or not? Are you against animal abuse or not? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should be vegan. You should be vegan anyway, it's because the human race isn't vegan that children are literally starving to death on this planet, and it's because the human race isn't vegan that our earth is on it's knees. We are raping our planet of every life on it by not being vegan. Vegan is not at choice, it's an obligation to save our planet. It's the only moral and productive solution to ending the holocaust of animals. Why do otherwise intelligent people insist on pumping obscene amounts of money into the industry (animal agriculture industry) that's violently killing trillions of sentient animals a year globally, that are preventing the cure to world hunger, that are killing actually killing them, the consumer keeping this industry in business, and ultimately killing our planet? It's literally insanity. The human race needs to go vegan. Reject violence. GO VEGAN 💚 EDUCATE OTHERS SUPPORT @torontopigsave @torontocowsave @torontochickensave @manchesterpigsave @nottinghamshireanimalsave #

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"An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accept the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its Injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law".- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Caption Video @aces_323 - -

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When people tell me that they love animals and then go on to abuse them, I often tell myself that I'm glad they don't love me. _ I often wonder how people who profess their love of animals are the same people who pay for their slaughter and eat animals. Would they do it to their dog or cat? If someone won't do something to their dog or cat that they do daily to other animals, chickens, pigs, cows, ect. , we need to ask ourselves why? There's no doubt whatsoever that, when it comes to what we may and may not do to other animals , it is perception, indoctrination, and conditioning. _ It is what you've been taught by society. It's an irrational concept. Why love one and eat the other? Respect the rights of all the animals that share this planet with us not for us. Embrace veganism! ➡️⬅️ ➡️⬅️ Caption Video @mvalenciab14 -

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LET'S BE FRIENDS. Come back, I only want to be friends. 😊❤️🐥😸🐾 _ Respect the rights of ALL the animals that share this planet with us. Embrace veganism! ➡️⬅️ ➡️⬅️ _ @Regranned from @santistadagema - 🐱 O que vocês querem de mim? Juro que não fiz nada! 🔈🔈🔈 . @Regrann from @happympv - 😖..... quequieren de mi ?!?!🦆🦆. -

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There is an enormous web of lies behind the humans food industry, spread by very powerful and misleading advertising campaigns, and turning humans into ignorant bloodthirsty and murdering fools, it is. _ To make their argument more convincing they lied to you and told you that you needed to eat meat, eggs and dairy, and that you needed a lot of it, so to be healthy and strong. They added extra credibility to their pack of lies by weaving in further non true arguments and making sure that the products they were telling you to eat we're all so tasty and convenient. And pretty low cost to. _ As if these deceits weren't enough, they also tied these products to regular traditions and habits, to ensure that you got stuck with it and saw it as a regular and comforting part of your life. So you had set eating habits most days, and even more so on your so-called special occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, summer barbecues... Manipulative lies, and lies, and yet more lies. _ The animals couldn't care less if you want to lie to each other, or if you want to believe the ridiculous stories told to you each day. It doesn't matter to them if you choose to eat unhealthy food. The problem is when your lies involve the unjust treatment, suffering, abuse and murder of others, which is the case here. Did you know that, to enable you to consume meat, eggs and dairy products, about 40,000 animals are abused, tortured and killed every second of every hour of every day? Systemically. _ "Steak", "bacon", "ham", "beef"... Just sounds better than carcasses.- Excerpt: Run, Little Benjamin Run!, Fox Ibanez @foxibanez Caption _ Embrace veganism! ➡️⬅️ _ Video @earthlyliberation

image by Belinda (@belinda_vegan) with caption : "@Regranned from @unparalleled_suffering -  No taste or tradition or habit in the world could justify this mistreatment. " - 1693153786542984282
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@Regranned from @unparalleled_suffering - No taste or tradition or habit in the world could justify this mistreatment. We should be ashamed to even have the words "slaughter" and "slaughterhouse" in our language and dictionary. What's more embarrassing and degrading than finding out you've caused unnecessary suffering to someone? Every piece of flesh or secretion we've swallowed from a once living being has been a total waste; a waste to our existence and a waste to their life. Human minds may be made to do some pretty bizarre and demented shit, but our bodies are still meant to eat only plants. - _ When you can not only survive but THRIVE on a plant-based diet, ask yourself why are you participating in the horrendous oppression and slaughter of the animals? Embrace veganism! ➡️⬅️ ➡️⬅️ _