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image by Mo Mo (@ohmmgee12) with caption : "No, I do not like cheese !!! 🍪
#whitehumor #immaCracker 
Y'all laugh, you know it's funny !" - 1693878260099863571
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No, I do not like cheese !!! 🍪 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #whitehumor Y'all laugh, you know it's funny !

image by Wakeup (@dear_black_people_wakeup) with caption : "??? #whitehumor" - 1693016331636283240
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??? #whitehumor

Mai Comodi (@mattein1312) Instagram Profile Photo mattein1312

Mai Comodi

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@1987fe quando a salvarti la vita a 2000mt ti viene a prendere un Sub 🏊‍♂️⛷ #whitehumor

Tygasevolution (@tygasevolution) Instagram Profile Photo tygasevolution


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15 Mins Tho Granny😂😂😂 Is she being too generous or nah?😂😂😂 When my search for recipes leads to something else😀😀 #whitehumor

John🇨🇺 (@too.fresh.cuban) Instagram Profile Photo too.fresh.cuban


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👧&👱‍♀️ told she wants to "try something different"...what does she mean?!?!?!?!?!?! • ● • ● • ● • ● • ⚠️P.S.A⚠️~(THIS IS A JOKE) #whitehumor

Tris Moonshine (@trailer_trash_tris) Instagram Profile Photo trailer_trash_tris

Tris Moonshine

image by Tris Moonshine (@trailer_trash_tris) with caption : "#blackhumor or is it #whitehumor #whitemencantjump" - 1673213629070487889
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or is it #whitehumor

Author Writer Educator (@kingcaliph711) Instagram Profile Photo kingcaliph711

Author Writer Educator

💯I came I saw conquered💯 ・・・ Never watched this until now The feeling was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced I love ❤️ the pressure the adrenaline i was on that feeling WaVy 🌊🌊 #whitehumor All for the Love