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Someporschegirl (@someporschegirl) Instagram Profile Photosomeporschegirl


The hardest part about being strong is that no one 1669862152986290225

The hardest part about being strong is that no one ever asks if you’re ok

🌿 LINDSEY NOEL ROMAN 🌿 (@mrslindseyroman) Instagram Profile Photomrslindseyroman


“Any problem that comes between God and myself spr 1669854306666314770

“Any problem that comes between God and myself springs out of disobedience; any problem, and there will be many, that is alongside me while I obey God, increases my ecstatic delight, because I know that my Father knows, and I am going to watch and see how He unravels this thing.” - My Utmost for His Highest.I read this devotion this morning and wooowww what a beautiful revelation. Any problems in our life that come between us and God always stem from our disobedience of Him. It’s never anything God does, but our human selfish desire to put our wants before His will for us. But when we stand in accordance with His word, with His will for our lives, something amazing happens. He doesn’t promise that problems won’t still come, but in obedience to Him our perspective of those silly problems becomes widened..In Jesus, I can handle anything. I can conquer pain, loneliness, depression, and fear. I can handle the unknown because He IS known in me. And getting to sit back knowing the Creator of the Universe who created ME with a purpose has GOT THIS, wow there’s such peace in that..Spark notes: when we obey God’s word, the problems that fill our lives fade away, not because they disappear, but because we trust in the One who will handle them. #speaktruth#wednesdaywisdom

Markesha Chatfield (@cmarkesha) Instagram Profile Photocmarkesha

Markesha Chatfield

What do couples fight about?-" Do spiders shoot webs from their mouths or their butts?!" We looked it up-- it's their abdomen. We both wrong af # #wednesdaywisdom#atthepark#wecray#ihatespiders#yup#niceday#greatcompany# #bahaha#latergram

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Do you remember the last time other people’s opini 1669843418689800448

Do you remember the last time other people’s opinions paid your bills? Me neither!If lifting heavy makes you happy, do it!If lifting light makes you happy, do it!If body weight workouts make you happy, do them!If running makes you happy, do it!!! If taking a million booty selfies makes you happy, do it! ️️️️️️Do what makes you happy not what makes other people happy! You are the only one responsible for your own happiness!The inner beast in you is trying to come out! Other people can see that and they are trying to put you down and discourage you! They don’t want to see you shine! They don’t want you to outshine them! They want your happiness! Don’t give it to them! Keep your hustle going! Don’t stop! The goal is so worth the pain, trust me! .....#gym #gymlife #motivation #wednesdaywisdom#humpday #backandbiceps#motivateothers #mevsme #traindirty #eatclean #healthy #usplabsbarbellclub#usplabs #usplabs_es#usplabsenespanol#gymshark #gymsharmwomen #weightlifting #womenwholift#powerliftingwomen#gymmotivation#letskillit#sizeistheprize#behappy #happiness#motivationalquotes#gymmotivation