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Mars has moved into Scorpio and will remain there1669078508108090528

Mars has moved into Scorpio and will remain there until January 26th.It's going to get hot. Stormy. Steamy. Erotic. Passionate. Deep.Mars asks one thing always.Are you brave? Courageous?Courage here as it relates to the Scorpio territory of sex, death, the revelation of truth and all that which normally considered "out of bounds." It's time to go there. Beyond the lines. The place of warrior initiation.Boldly.A dark night. A stir in the basement of our consciousness. What's that? Heart beating, we force ourselves down the stairs, in the dark, to face what's there, to face our fears.We are warriors after all.Ready to face our deep down demons with warrior mars at our back. Plunging the depths in order to resurface purified, clear confident. Strong.Here we explore the Scorpionic territory of intimacy and discover that which may be unresolved.We become self sufficient enough to see the truth of another.We have a choice to set boundaries or wilt honoring the needs of others above our own.We have a choice to become living truth. This is who I am. This is what I need. And I love you.True intimacy.Can you let go of control and throw inhibitions aside on the wild ride of sacred sex? To discover what's available when the master addiction of control is no longer at the helm.Will you allow this energy to run wild and get consumed by the storm or can you stay present, conscious and intentional through the fear in order to experience the pleasurable heat on the other side of this double edged warrior coin?Walk into fear and rise in self respect.Welcome fear and access the pleasure of non resistance.Conquer fear & discover your power.Transcend fears paper tigers and come to know your original essence. The essence that is one with all and never had anything to fear in the first place.Fear the greatest illusion of all camouflaging the truth of love. In victory we find access to our greatest depths. To the steam created by lovers who are all in. To the passion lived by an individual who has braved their own wild depths. To the fire that lives in the hearts of each one of us. Are you ready? It's going to be a wild ride. ️

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Universe Letters®

#WenesdayWisdomNew blog post!I know the holida 1669080208185226601

#wenesdaywisdomNew blog post!I know the holidays can bring out the stress in us. It can cause us to act in ways we typically would never dare to. We have all had our moments where we've lost patience or said something we wished we hadn't.But a couple of weeks ago, I had an encounter at a store that left me stunned and shaken. I knew I wanted to share it, but I was so upset at first, that this is finally the first time I could write about it!It has served as a reminder for me these last two weeks to be even more patient, calm and loving. After all, aren't we supposed to be enjoying this time?Let's all remember to be extra kind, extra loving and extra light. Let's all sparkle a little more, and leave the crazy--that doesn't serve anyone, especially ourselves--behind!To read the post, click the link in my bio! Wishing you all peaceful weeks ahead, sweet souls!

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Truth | Wisdom | Magick

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And isn't this such a powerful quote - one that I' 1669080200083063696

And isn't this such a powerful quote - one that I'm sure we can all resonate with. How many times have you wanted to do something but concerned what others have to say. How many times have we had dreams and a deep calling within us. But you haven't taken action due to the worry of what people will think - i have many friends unsure if they are friendsthat laugh at me talk behind my back due to wanting to go on that journey of braking out of societys bubble - its simple be you and thrive on the thought that if you can see yourself doing it. Then your future self if already there so isn't that enough inspiration to keep on your journey. Those that are your freinds will stay by your side those that aren't meant to be on your journey will fall off#peacemovement#journeyofthetohunga#lightlanguage#multidimensional#angelic#raphael#chamuel#rongo#terauparaha#gatekeeper#healtheworld#shredded#healer#starseed#universe#conciseness#uniqueness#drseuss