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Gustavo Granados

Under a molten sky, let the days collideWell, I m 1669848611019964457

Under a molten sky, let the days collideWell, I made you and now I take you back.#thescale#wolflover#blackandwhite

Always Good Vibes When Me & Big Bro Link Up#TheS 1669845545369282494

Always Good Vibes When Me & Big Bro Link Up#thescaleOut Now!!! Part 2 Coming Soon!!! Oh And #sincerelyyoursDropping 1st Quarter!!!

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J Gooch 🇨🇦

Okay okay last one for the nightgotta show some1669335445810542191

Okay okay last one for the nightgotta show some love to @therealhellrellfor everything #thescaleout now AND you will catch me doing what I do best on #thescale2dropping on Christmas. (AND you will hear him on my tape #sorryinadvance#dapayback#topgunnas#trillist#longlivetheset#latenightsearlymornings#ruga

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The Ten Count

THE SCALE - Official weigh-in from Brisbane, Austr 1668320336591917315

THE SCALE - Official weigh-in from Brisbane, Australia the #wboWelterweight Champion Jeff Horn tops the scale at 146.3lbs. His opponent Gary Corcoran of England was 146.2lbs. All ready for Battle of Brisbane 2#thescale#thetencount#boxing#1hqboxing#toprankonespn#ko#boxeo#horncorcoran#wbotitle#australianboxing#espn#fight#battleofbrisbane#toprank#tko

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"WILL LACK OF SLEEP EFFECT FAT LOSS?" That's a gre 1667605602978992703

"WILL LACK OF SLEEP EFFECT FAT LOSS?" That's a great question I saw recently,I'll take it a step further, will it effect your fat loss goals? What about your other goals? Building lean muscle, strength, performance?First I want to note that a caloric deficit is what drives fat loss.With that said lack of sleep can effect water retention/fluctuations and water retention can mask fat loss.Lack of sleep can leave you lethargic and low on energy which can result in decreased or poor gym performance and intensity then it could effect you definitely play a roleLack of sleep can leave you lethargic and with less overall daily energy and cause you to move less, lounge more and overall less activity then it can effect NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) which will impact your overall calories burned in a day and ultimately your overall deficit.Lack of sleep also effects hunger inducing hormones and that may cause you to eat more which can minimize your deficit.On the flip side if your goal is building muscleand making gains whether strength or visual then it will definitely effect it as sleep is when your body recovers, repairs and rebuilds.If you're not getting quality sleep then virtually every area and goal with be effected to a degree.Be sure you get a good night's rest it's not the hours you sleep but the quality of that sleep.Also take advantage of naps when possible if your quality of sleep is low or just in general.Your body and goals will thank you.BONUS TIPS1. Take a natural sleeping aid such as melatonin.2. Limit caffeine and cut it out after a certain time each day.3. Turn your phone off and set it to where you can't reach it.4. A sleeping mask/dark curtains.5. Limit water after a certain time in the evening.6. If possible aim to get into a scheduled routine.7. Eat some carbs.

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DAY 3: I know! I know! ...But, Im fuckin excited!! 1667509434877881789

DAY 3: I know! I know! ...But, Im fuckin excited!!! Whoop! Whoop!🤩🤷‍️‼️--#thescale#day3#keto#lchf#morningtime#weighingme#ketogenic#myketodiary#aplacetojournal#helpothers#monday

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Meteor · Leica

Meteor HKReportShareDownload232

The Scale - Jean Claude Mougin (France).Negative Time: 1987Print Time : 2006Edition : 40/50Image Size : 11x13.5cm Medium : Palladium Gold.