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Emma Beau (@emma_beau) Instagram Profile Photoemma_beau

Emma Beau

I had a thought today about music.If everyone wh 1668778413249196524

I had a thought today about music.If everyone who followed me on fb, insta etc pledged just $1 - this album would be MADE = we'd hit the target today. 🤔But most likely that's not what'll happen. I'm 100% aware of this. :) BUT - It takes over $20,000 to make an album but then SO many people listen to us musicians on Spotify and we only get paid 0.000001CENT per play !? I.e. Nothing. I've never seen a speck off Spotify.It's a scary thought.So I guess what I'm saying is - please love your musos to keep us going.Go see gigs, buy a drink at the bar, maybe buy our cd or some merch, support our endeavours and ENJOY YOURSELF - DANCE - SMILE - forget about your worries; that's what I truly want to see - people feeling the music. ️It's funny how music becomes more popular whenever war or sadness is around - because we NEED it. It lifts our souls. ️To end this - if you want to add to my pozible campaign just add a tiny bit if that's appropriate - if not, that's fine, I completely understand but your good wishes are ALWAYS noticed and appreciated.

ryankellymusic (@ryankellymusic1) Instagram Profile Photoryankellymusic1


Here’s a mellow Leon Russell tune - This Masquerad 1668772402157246196

Here’s a mellow Leon Russell tune - This Masquerade. Night night/morning #covers#singer#leonrussell#thecarpenters#georgebenson

The Hookup UK 🇬🇧🔌 (@thehookup_uk) Instagram Profile Photothehookup_uk

The Hookup UK 🇬🇧🔌

Wednesday Morning Vibes!@charisnicholaou#daily 1668768345343062373

Wednesday Morning Vibes!@charisnicholaou#dailydoseoftalent


What do you think of this little gem I wrote with @akablockyesterday . Pop your comments below#singer#songwriter#pop#music#newmusic . Swipe Left ⬅️