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Discover Instagram posts, photos and videos attached with hashtag : staytuned (@byvar) Instagram Profile Photobyvar

NEW ONLINE️Het weer in Nederland is zo wispelturi 1669646352495260813

NEW ONLINE️Het weer in Nederland is zo wispelturig dat een goed trui niet te missen is…️ Wij hebben daarom alvast deze leuke sweater ingekocht, dit kleding stuk kan op alles en zit altijd goed! Xoxo

Lorene Bazemore (@firstlady_1981) Instagram Profile Photofirstlady_1981

Lorene Bazemore

Bullying, Sexual Assault, Murder, kidnappings, Rob 1669645261087419218

Bullying, Sexual Assault, Murder, kidnappings, Robbery, young and old dying.... meet me March 16, 2018 in Montgomery Alabama at Macedonia Ministries for the no compromise Movement and June 23, 2018 in Macon, Ga at Abundant Word of Grace COGIC for the citywide youth rally I Want To Be Ready! #nocompromisemovement#apostolic#baptist#middlegeorgia#macon#youthgroup#youth#cogic#methodist#staytuned#holiness#pentecostal#help#news#wedeclarewar#vincentbohananandthesoundofvictory#faith#raisinggirls#raisingboys#raisingkings#raisingqueens#relationshipgoals

Southwest Homes (@southwesthomesbcs) Instagram Profile Photosouthwesthomesbcs

Southwest Homes


Here’s a little sneak peek at another beautiful home; and this time — a remodel — our team completed. More to come! #staytuned

Charlie Grant (@charlieltgrant) Instagram Profile Photocharlieltgrant

Charlie Grant

@impressionrecordings 'Tis a thing of beauty #stud 1669645143001952818

@impressionrecordings'Tis a thing of beauty #studio#berlin

Catherine Torrey (@chellentorrey) Instagram Profile Photochellentorrey

Catherine Torrey

second piece out of six to complete my puzzle! Do1669641025168524605

second piece out of six to complete my puzzle! Do what you like, like what you do! Has always been important to me. Being a stay home mom hasn’t been easy, if you are a Mom you know some daysare better than others, right? but I could never go to bed at night with out feeling nothing but love for my kids and thank God for my life, not matter how much I struggled that day. 9 years went by so fast, Luckily to me I still have my baby home for another year to enjoy and I will be adding this new baby ( project to my to do list ) for me to do what I love and share with all the woman out there that want to feel and look like a million buck for way less than that! I’ll give you all my tips.... #chellentorrey#staytuned