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The Depressed Yogi ™ (@thedepressedyogi_official) Instagram Profile Photothedepressedyogi_official

The Depressed Yogi ™


This is my open letter to the Universe. I write it with an open heart, positivity and huge love. I have been kicked like a dog in a gutter so many times by the effects an illness that I just recently got properly diagnosed for. And by just plain bad luck. But each time I have clawed my way back on my feet. And each time it gets harder. This time is pretty bad. We have a government that has no empathy for the plight of humanity, in fact they are taking away all help for those not wealthy enough to afford it. Anyway I’ve never asked for this much of the Universe before, but I’m appealing to the greater love that binds us all to flow some good luck and good fortune, stability, peace, happiness and blessings my way x100. I really would be so grateful. #appeal#makeawish#dreambig#goodfortune#goodluck#blessings#universallove#onelove#gratitude#helpwanted#workinghard#helpinghands#mentalillness#mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness#depression#borderlinepersonalitydisorder#anxiety#openletter#letters#payitforward#humanitarian#socialjustice

Closer Than They Appear (@closershow) Instagram Profile Photoclosershow

Closer Than They Appear

To some Stagger Lee was a hero. And to others he w 1668284589117563208

To some Stagger Lee was a hero. And to others he was a criminal. The question still remains “Who is Stagger Lee?” Here’s what we know.

The weeks are flying by, but the exciting news is1668284842654478084

The weeks are flying by, but the exciting news is that SUSTAIN will launch early 2018. ( @je.o.ha)


3 ACTIONS for this week! Call your senators before the winter recess. #advocatefor a fair tax bill, LGBQT youth affected by #netneutrality , and for the health insurance for children in our country#socialjustice#politicalaction#lovesavestheday#yogaoffthemat#lgbqt

🍃your daily dose of wokeness 🌻 (@united_not_divided) Instagram Profile Photounited_not_divided

🍃your daily dose of wokeness 🌻

AccurateI love that show tho 1668281387899139532

AccurateI love that show tho

Squeezebox Press (@squeezeboxpress) Instagram Profile Photosqueezeboxpress

Squeezebox Press

At the marketMe: yep, it's getting to be the time 1668276470294068499

At the marketMe: yep, it's getting to be the time for giftsBest old lady customer: and for political resistance!!#socialjustice#stockingstuffers#postcard#letterpress#resist#aclu#benefit#gifts

New Account: Ryan Nelson (@ryannelsonfitness) Instagram Profile Photoryannelsonfitness

New Account: Ryan Nelson

Pound for PoundMeet my homie Evan! He is a publ 1668274655436049297

Pound for Pound•Meet my homie Evan! He is a public speaker and rapper that is really doing big things. Evan may be smaller in size, but the dude is really having a huge impact in this world!•I recently had the opportunity to hear Evan in Florida. I gotta say it was one of the most touching experiences in my life! Truly inspiring to hear how passionate this young man is about animals, the environment and health. ️•If you don’t already follow my buddy Evan @veganevanmake sure you give him a follow. He is sure to brighten your day and lighten your heart! Thank you Evan for all you do brother. Pound for pound you are the most powerful animal rights activist there ever has been! Keep it up!••#vegan#fortheanimals#fortheenvironment#forthefuture#florida#vegfest#socialjustice#animalrights#equalityforall#livingbeings

All This (@allthis_kv) Instagram Profile Photoallthis_kv

All This

"Argument 1: Net neutrality has nothing to do with 1668263487280556422

"Argument 1: Net neutrality has nothing to do with free speech. FALSE Companies like Comcast and Verizon keep saying getting rid of net neutrality will boost competition. But they've rallied against competition at every turn (like the attempted Time Warner-Comcast merger), so why do they suddenly care about competition? Answer: they don't. But saying ending net neutrality increases competition sounds a heck of a lot better than admitting the truth, which is that making the internet less equal for people means a lot more money for them.Argument 2: Net neutrality will affect everyone equally.FALSEBefore the internet, information was much harder to come by — in the 1700s, the rich had their own libraries, and the poor might hope to own a book or two, if any. That let the children of the wealthy become more educated than the children of the impoverished, allowing the wealthy to have a stranglehold on more highly-paying jobs like the law or medicine while the poor were confined to lower-paying jobs.Argument 3: There's nothing I can do about it. FALSE And of course, what better way to show how important the internet is for free speech than to use it as an organizing tool? Tweet at your members of Congress, post on Facebook, send emails. Do whatever it takes.Because this latest attack? It's not just an attack on net neutrality — it's an attack on free speech, and worse, the speech of the oppressed and marginalized." #netneutrality#oppression#freespeech#humanrights#rise#privilege#socialclass#socialjustice#equality#stophate#inclusion#racism#peopleofcolormatter