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Kiss & Makeup with Chelsea ( Instagram Profile

Kiss & Makeup with Chelsea

Changed up my lip color for tonight! Correct guess 1672182111597326524
Eraina London (@erainalondon) Instagram Profile Photoerainalondon

Eraina London


A huge thank you to everyone that follows us. We are very greatful for all the love and support!!!!! 2018 we have so much more in store.#erainalondon#500followers#thankyou

Stephanie Klinger (@boldbrilliancecoaching) Instagram Profile Photoboldbrilliancecoaching

Stephanie Klinger

Coach vs. Consultant vs. Strategist..These were 1672179886813302770

Coach vs. Consultant vs. Strategist..These were all terms I considered when I was deciding EXACTLY what it is that I wanted to be doing in this business...Here is why I decided to be a coach:..As a coach it is expected that I will build a relationship with my clients. I am getting to know their business and their lives in this position. This allows me to truly understand the FULL picture. I get to see how their business and life are interacting so I can truly connect with what their vision of success is and how I can best coach them there!..As a consultant I felt like I was more or less expected to just get to know the business and present recommendations. Impersonal, may not lead to the desired outcome because I felt like it was leaving out valued pieces...As a strategist I felt that again I wouldn't get to see the full picture of things. I would be creating marketing tools and business structures that may not achieve the full vision of success because I would have been hired for a very specific task...I GET the entire picture with my clients because I have CHOSEN to be a coach. I build relationships with my clients so I see the full picture and create balance between business and life that ultimately leads to their EXACT desired outcome...Can you name a moment where if work wasn't going well it didn't affect your personal life? How about a moment where if your personal life was getting crazy it didn't somehow affect work?..This is why I am a coach!! I build relationships with my clients, get to see the full picture, and help to build a full proof plan that can get them to their vision of success!!..I am beyond blessed that I get to have this job, work with amazing people, and build incredible relationships!!..I LOVE what I do!

10ton Gorilla Media ( Instagram Profile

10ton Gorilla Media

#repost We tried @thewildcow today and HAVE to rec 1672180070363951303

#repostWe tried @thewildcowtoday and HAVE to recommend it. This is a small business that knows what it does, who it does it for, and knows how to do it well. Cheers W.C. 🥦 #exploringnashville