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brahama bull rock

"Come here woman and get you some of this Scorpion 1670966853873589489
Miami, FloridaReportShareDownload1146

"Come here woman and get you some of this Scorpion King sting 🦂" Since our very first @sevenbucksds  #rockreacts  was such a big success, we decided that in honor of the 15 year anniversary for #thescorpionking  I would watch the movie's most "iconic" scenes and react. And by "react" I mean I'd drag my balls across shattered glass and laugh because, if there's one person I love f*cking with more than all my friends, it's me. Scorpion King was my very first starring role. I had absolutely no f'n idea what I was doing, but I did know in my heart I was willing to outwork my competition, learn the entertainment business 360 degrees from top to bottom and most importantly be grateful and humble for the opportunity. Then if I totally sucked at least I knew I went into it with everything I had with a vision and integrity. Thanks to YOU, Scorpion King went on to break box office records for the biggest movie opening of all time for the month of April and I didn't get in too much trouble for bringing a fart machine on set for my love scene with the beautiful Kelly Hu. Years later here we are. Still putting in the work, being grateful and humble and always finding time to laugh at ourselves#rollingstonephotoshoot  #ifeelnopain  #ever #okmaybealittle #therock #worldwidewresling  #wwe  #dwanejohnson #hollywood  #hollywoodundead  #thepeoplschamp #worldwidewresling  #worldwide  #wweraw #wweindia  #wweworlchampion  #wwe #dwanejohnson  #stonecold  #skyscrapermovie #worldwide  #worldseries  #jumanji2 #theworldisyours  #savenbucksprods  #movies #worldno1  #brahamabullrock  #peoplechamp #thegreatone  #worldwide  #mondaynightraw #movies  #worldno1  #brahamabullrock #peoplechamp  #thegreatone  #worldwide #mondaynightraw  #movies  #worldno1 #brahamabullrock  #peoplechamp  #thegreatone #worldwide  #mondaynightraw  #movies

Today, I’m thankful that this awesome lil’ 5yr old 1670966312035164855

Today, I’m thankful that this awesome lil’ 5yr old boy, Ty was my special #makeawishguest on our #skyscrapermovieset and I was completely dissed and ignored 🤚️. Ty’s Wish was to meet the one, the only, demigod himself.. MAUI from Moana.So we plan this big trip and meeting. Ty and his beautiful little sister Tia come to set along with his lovely mom and aunty. Ty is SO EXCITED to FINALLY meet his hero, MAUI. He won’t stop talking, playing and singing his favorite Maui song, You’re Welcome.I put on the MAUI wig, strut in and start singing You’re Welcome.Well, as you see here I walk in, start the song and lil’ Ty takes two long looks at me and decides he’s gonna treat me like I’ve been stealing his lunch for the last 87 days with the Clint Eastwood glare that says, “If I were 20yrs older and five feet taller I’d get up outta this chair and knock that goofy wig off your head punk”. Best moment ever.Always happens like this, even though Ty remained in shock and didn’t say a word the whole time, the moment I walked away to go back to work, little Ty was SO EXCITED and would NOT STOP TALKING about how he met his best friend MAUI. I’m also pretty sure he even said how Maui was waaaaayyy better looking and talented in person.Hey if Ty’s happy, then Maui’s happy.Happy Thanksgiving everyone to you and your families. Enjoy your day!As always, for me stuff like this will always be the best part of fame. Icy high five disses and all.I need a better wig. DJ

Dig in. #SkyscraperMovie.Want to thank the vario 1670962480865728420

Dig in. #skyscrapermovie .Want to thank the various spec ops boys who helped me bring this character to life.Especially on the HRT (hostage rescue) crisis negotiations side.Shooting this film has been an intense and unforgettable experience and I’m grateful to the bone for the opportunity to put in the work.Honored to wear the patch over the heart to recognize our fallen.Lorek and Shaw.Thank you team. Respect.#skyscrapermovie#vancouver#china

Solid late night HRT (hostage rescue) rehearsals w 1670860655412115454

Solid late night HRT (hostage rescue) rehearsals w/ the boys. Put your funderwear on its gonna be a long night. #skyscrapermovie

Lookin (and smelling) like 9 kinds of hell on our1670859574262947435

Lookin (and smelling) like 9 kinds of hell on our 14th hour straight of work.If I’m gonna drop sweat and lil’ blood, it’s a pleasure doing it with this hard working crew.Also a pleasure telling my director @rawsonthurberin no uncertain terms to go f*ck himself. With a smile of course.Hard work. Good times.#skyscrapermovie🤙

Mama love.I was sad to hear about the loss of th 1670856023189042787

Mama love.I was sad to hear about the loss of their father. I know he’s very proud of his strong and loving family.I was happy, however to know the story of when Murat was battling cancer like a champ, the doctors wouldn’t let him eat his favorite food - salmon. The day he became cancer free, his mama was the first to give him that salmon.Mama got a lil’ emotional when his sister translated what I said. I got a lil’ emo too.. manly tears of course.Manly tears.Wonderful Turkish family, I had the privilege of hosting.Grateful to meet them.#makeawishday#onset#skyscrapermovie#manly

Awesome moment.Dwanta Claus delivering the world 1670855399881874995

Awesome moment.Dwanta Claus delivering the world’s first custom made XBOX 1X’s to my Make A Wish kids!It’s truly an honor to have a kid’s “wish” be to meet me, so I try and make it as special as I can. I have a very caring staff who reaches out to our partners and friends who all jump at the opportunity to help make these kids’ day a special one.Thank you to our good friends at @microsoftand @xboxfor creating these first ever engraved Dwanta XBOX 1X consoles for the kids, before they’re available to the world.Tears of joy is the constant indicator that this will always be the best part of my job.#makeawishday#onset#skyscrapermovie#microsoft#xbox1x#murat#maria#emily

I got you.Final week of shooting our action thri 1670855052509710908

I got you.Final week of shooting our action thriller #skyscrapermovie .Intense and emotional 14 weeks with my phenomenal co-star @nevecampbell.Lucky man to share the big screen with such amazing, strong & beautiful women throughout my career.Thank you, Neve for your trust and I’m happy to drop blood and sweat for you any day to get the job done.Let’s finish strong.#igotyou#skyscrapermovie@hhgarcia41