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image by @carolinaeloisaaaa with caption : "• Yo no compito con nadie. Yo corro mi propia carrera. No tengo ningún deseo de jugar a ser mejor que nadie, de ninguna "- 1697515851464161366
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• Yo no compito con nadie. Yo corro mi propia carrera. No tengo ningún deseo de jugar a ser mejor que nadie, de ninguna manera, forma o estilo. Solamente aspiro a mejorar, a ser mejor de lo que era antes •

quelly ♡ (@perfectsab) Instagram Profile Photo perfectsab

quelly ♡

image by quelly ♡ (@perfectsab) with caption : "this is honestly super cute" - 1697515801106299449
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this is honestly super cute

Melanie Gonzalez™ (@typical.melart) Instagram Profile Photo typical.melart

Melanie Gonzalez™

Instagram Image by Melanie Gonzalez™ (@typical.melart) with caption : "We in dis bitch" at Bubble Cafe - 1697515232334029878
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We in dis bitch

sunflower boy 🌻 (@his.dingus) Instagram Profile Photo his.dingus

sunflower boy 🌻

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here’s some selfies that all kinda look the same bc i’m lame and only look good in one angle 🤷🏻‍♂️ { #sfs }

alexis 🌺🌴 (@llexcellent) Instagram Profile Photo llexcellent

alexis 🌺🌴

image by alexis 🌺🌴 (@llexcellent) with caption : "dm me if interested" - 1697501636538467150
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dm me if interested

[kailee 🌙 & hannah 🌻] (@notalosechester) Instagram Profile Photo notalosechester

[kailee 🌙 & hannah 🌻]

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Okay hunters, I have an announcement. You guys know I've been dealing w shit and as a result I haven't been the best with keeping the account up. If you saw my last post I asked for help. As of right now @hannahelizabethhernandez is helping me run the account and its now going to be a double wayward sister effort. Thank you for everyone who offered to help, I appreciate all of you and I'm glad to see how much this account means to you guys bc y'all don't want to see it gone. Most of you guys know what I look like and my name. But to attach names and faces and who's posting what, I, kailee (@hoshiomushi ), will be posting using the moon emoji (🌙), and Hannah will be posting using the sunflower emoji (🌻) she'll be doing a lot more posts that me most likely and you guys already know our dms are open. Feel free to follow her personal, she's really cool and sweet. The next post will be Hannah introducing herself and yeah. Laters d00ds 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙 TAG YOUR FRIENDS ... #sfs

Millie Bobby Brown Source (@milliesource) Instagram Profile Photo milliesource

Millie Bobby Brown Source

image by Millie Bobby Brown Source (@milliesource) with caption : "WHAT A BEAUTY @milliebobbybrown" - 1697515354195979492
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WHAT A BEAUTY @milliebobbybrown