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Lucifer Shades (Zaif) (@lucifershades) Instagram Profile Photolucifershades

Lucifer Shades (Zaif)

Royal Rumble '18 | Predictions for number 30? 1668276297321972261

Royal Rumble '18 | Predictions for number 30?

The Shield (@itheshieldwwe) Instagram Profile Photoitheshieldwwe

The Shield


The Shield brawl with Samoa Joe, Sheamus and Cesaro

Matt Granda (@mattygrand) Instagram Profile Photomattygrand

Matt Granda

This is the Raw Report! (Part 1)Clash of the Tita 1668275735948513302

This is the Raw Report! (Part 1)Clash of the Titans!That was a great opening segment! Joe is so believable whenever he’s on the mic, you just feel what he’s saying and he comes off as such a badass when he does say it. Of course Roman came down after Seth and Dean got him, only to be jumped by The Bar as well as Joe! Seth and Dean came to help, but they got decimated too. Well damn lol can’t wait to see the 6 man at Tribute to the Troops!Definitely not the best promo by Absolution here, but the match was decent. Paige can work with anyone, as can Mickie and Bayley, Mandy did seem a little taken aback but she’ll get there. A superkick to Mickie leads to the Absolution victory, keep the storyline rolling.Lmfao ok I was dying here, the laughing especially from Matt is too much! I did like the Woken transition screen though, especially with the breaking screen. And Woken Matt knows Sister Abigail?! Now that’s cool, tying the stories together and maybe we’ll actually see Sister Abigail! I can’t wait!So the neck brace is gonna be Axel’s gimmick from now on huh? Alright then lol. But yeah a quick match here with Finn picking up a nice win. Will this lead to him vs Miz when he gets back? We’ll have to wait and see!#wwe#mondaynightraw#royalrumble#samoajoe#thebar#sheamus#cesaro#theshield#romanreigns#sethrollins#deanambrose#brokenmatthardy#wokenmatthardy#braywyatt#sisterabigail#absolution#paige#mandyrose#sonyadeville#mickiejames#bayley#sashabanks

Wrestling Content⚠ (@scurllmark) Instagram Profile Photoscurllmark

Wrestling Content⚠

I used to like Baron Corbin, but I can't be behind 1668275619531455605

I used to like Baron Corbin, but I can't be behind him anymore. He's a great heel, but he's too boring. Bobby Roode needs to get the title asap and bring back prestige to the U.S. Title