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image by Trian AS (@trian_parkerr) with caption : "3 bulan lagi 🙌👊
#Rockandroll" - 1699016456682854834
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3 bulan lagi 🙌👊 . #Rockandroll

Erin Shaw Street (@erinshawstreet) Instagram Profile Photo erinshawstreet

Erin Shaw Street

Instagram Image by Erin Shaw Street (@erinshawstreet) with caption : "Met a cool straight edge guy outside @NFRealMusic show. Hey, me too. Just took me a few more years to get there. ✌️#wear" at Iron City Bham - 1699016128251920738

Met a cool straight edge guy outside @NFRealMusic show. Hey, me too. Just took me a few more years to get there. ✌️ #rockandroll

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“You can’t do epic shit with people who are undergeared” -President Obama. If you dont fuck with the Dyson v7 animal pro you are either mentally disabled or live like a hoarder. @dyson ~~~PROPR REVIEWS~~~ Today I am going to be talking about to best thing mankind has ever invented aside from the RealDoll Now what we have here is a 50 horse power WIRELESS vacuum, holds an 8 hour charge and is light enough that even my stoned grandma can lift it. Cat shit on the floor? Dyson. Step dad ash his Parliament lights on the floor after a round of Fireball? Dyson. Open your coke bag and powder flew everywhere on the couch? Dyson. Fuckin bored? Dyson. Asian retired uncle? Dyson. Soccer mom with 3 kids, a dog, and a husband with 3,000 shoes? Dyson. Listen guys, this thing is better than sex, its a Dyson. It literally vacuums anything, you will for a callus you will use it. The fuck are you waiting for? Go buy one. #rockandroll

NVUSXO™ (@nvusxo) Instagram Profile Photo nvusxo


image by NVUSXO™ (@nvusxo) with caption : "Not everyone will understand it but that’s ok.!" - 1699015462547100405
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Not everyone will understand it but that’s ok.!

barefootvintage-store (@barefootvintage) Instagram Profile Photo barefootvintage


BAREFOOT VINTAGE ORIGINAL "IRON MAIDEN" WRANGLED ASK JEAN JACKET. You can find this item on ebay @barefootvintage-store [link in bio] #rockandroll

The Selfish Herd (@theselfishherd) Instagram Profile Photo theselfishherd

The Selfish Herd

image by The Selfish Herd (@theselfishherd) with caption : "// Ready. | #TheSelfishHerd #TheHerdIsComing" - 1699014827479024266
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Duffys Cut (@duffys_cut) Instagram Profile Photo duffys_cut

Duffys Cut

image by Duffys Cut (@duffys_cut) with caption : "Atlanta Dirty South Weekender!1/13/18 #duffyscut #feartheskull #oitheboat #rockandroll #bovverrockandroll #dtawdd" - 1699014602087226909
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Atlanta Dirty South Weekender!1/13/18 #rockandroll