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FurMamaMinion (@furmamaminion) Instagram Profile Photofurmamaminion


Bobby and Sister snuggling.He sure is spoiled.1668915162524719458

Bobby and Sister snuggling.He sure is spoiled.#fosterdogs#puppies#rescuedogs#bordercollie#labs#fosterpuppies

Noora Fisher (@nooraeveliiina) Instagram Profile Photonooraeveliiina

Noora Fisher

Today we visited @lantaanimalwelfare️ they’re creating new life for rescued cats and dogs. Treating them if they’re injured and sterilising all of the dogs and cats to help control the population. They’re able to do what they do because of donations.they’re doing such an awesome job! We’re helping and taking a doggy(or two) for a walk tomorrow morning too️ P.S the puppy in the pics is still looking for home!

I really want more coffee but this on a still-sick 1668913075648116913

I really want more coffee but this on a still-sick-day-after-your-birthday-morning is pretty sweet. #humpbreak#sweetpuppies#rescuedogs