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So lucky to have access to these inspiring people1659980365638830371

So lucky to have access to these inspiring people to help guide my thoughts and conversations..#invisibletoinvincible#feminism#feminist#femmepower#otherness#librarylove#beingiton#letshavealittlechat#reduce#reuse#reading

Chrissy Taylor (@chrissytaylor84) Instagram Profile Photochrissytaylor84

Chrissy Taylor

How amazing is this!? Hazel and just picked up thi 1671538019041382179

How amazing is this!? Hazel and just picked up this 4 pack at our local markets....check out all the good things this company is doing for our planet and for the less fortunate.... @brush4change#feelingproud#eco#brushforchange#bamboo#toothbrushes#panda#reduce#lesswaste#oneplanet#gratitudexoxo

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Ferry Pey

Penggunaan air minum dalam kemasan botol plastik s 1671535646248560649

Penggunaan air minum dalam kemasan botol plastik semakin banyak sehingga secara tidak langsung dapat berpengaruh pada sampah jenis plastik yang dihasilkan, selain itu botol plastik butuh waktu 100 sampai 500 tahun untuk bisa terurai. Semakin bertambahnya populasi manusia di dunia ini tentu semakin banyak pula sampah yang ditimbulkan, memang air minum dalam kemasan lebih mudah di konsumsi karena ke praktisannya namun faktanya dalam 1 hari manusia membutuhkan minimal 2L air minum/hari itu artinya setiap orang mengkonsumsi air minum 4 botol 600ml/hari dan menghasilkan 4 botol sampah plastik.Kita bisa mengurangi sampah plastik dengan membawa botol minum sendiri (tumbler) dimulai dari aksi kecil ini akan berdampak positif bagi lingkungan kita, kalau bukan kita siapa lagi?? apa mau bumi ini dihuni oleh timbunan sampah plastik?? Think it guyss#letschange#letsplasticless#ayonggowotumbler#nalgene#reduce#reuse#recycle#reducereuserecycle#kurangisampahplastik#kurangipenggunaanplastik#mulaidaridirisendiri#botolminum#botolminumsayakeren#refill#glowinthedark#dinkbottle#manabotolminummu

Minimalist is The New Black (@zerowastefighter) Instagram Profile Photozerowastefighter

Minimalist is The New Black

Yes, one of them is myself that hardly to get acce 1671528106996196829

Yes, one of them is myself that hardly to get access to buy bulk items. In Kuala Lumpur especially is all about convenience; plastic for food and drinks take-away, frozen food packaging and oh yea! organics food based here is damn expensive. I need this kind of tips to guide me to enjoy my zero waste journey.#repost@zerowastenerd(@get_repost )・・・Sadly, there are so many of us that don't have access to bulk items. First of all, if that someone is you, don't hesitate to call your local grocery stores and suggest that bulk bins are something that would add great value.So can you still greatly reduce your waste if you lack those glorious bulk bins?Yes! 🤓 1. Reduce plastic bags - simple2. Choose non plastic packaging when you can like glass, metal, or cardboard3. Buy the largest container of something nonperishable that you use like flour, pasta, or pet food4. Eat way more plant based meals5. Cook at home more and make more things from scratch if you have time6. If you can, grow your food. Start small like herbs and work your way up7. Compost your organic waste and recycle everythingIt's not about being perfect,but doing the best you can with what you have.