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@Regranned from @savingsovereignty -3 Basic but1669991819180396860

@regrannedfrom @savingsovereignty-3 Basic but extremely important rights you need to invoke when you are being stopped by policy enforcers.1- I do not consent to any searches, and it's these words exactly you need to say.2- I do not answer any questions, I wish to speak to a lawyer. These two statements invoke two of your rights protected by the constitution your 5th Amendment. Your right to remain silent and your right to not self incriminate. Also the 6th Amendment, the right to have an attorney present during questioning.3- I do not wish to stay here with you for any reason, am I being detained or am I free to go. The reason you wanna say this is you need to end the encounter with policy enforcers as fast as possible the more time they have to question you or investigate to bring you up in false charges then the more likely you will fall for the old okie doke. If you wish to studdy with us join us please stop by if your in the NYC area or tune in to IG live the day of. All detains are on previous post. Peace and love family be safe out there with these criminals. #savingsovereignty#freedom#befree#knowyourrights#knowthyself#knowledge#knowledgeispower#knowledgemakesamanunfittobeaslave#seekthetruth#questioneverything#dejure#defacto

Phoenix (@yes_i_fly) Instagram Profile Photoyes_i_fly


Where's the discussion? Do you even know what's go 1669990143255107965

Where's the discussion? Do you even know what's going on? Sheeple, pay attention!#netneutrality#questioneverything#knowledge#research#freedom

wake up to this 👉phenomenon 👽 (@ufo_yorkshire_uk) Instagram Profile Photoufo_yorkshire_uk

wake up to this 👉phenomenon 👽

Goodnight from the UKThis film footage was suppo 1669979410675119164
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Victor Allbeone ⭕️

MORNING GUYS =] 1669974387578433333