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Inserts unwanted music because I was in the mood f 1668024541707137837

Inserts unwanted music because I was in the mood for it but I know that no one wants it but I still gave it. Yeah, gonna have to get use to it if you're gonna follow me.Pink Guy - Fried Noodles (Getter Remix)Lyrics: I know I'm morbid at timesThat's how I like to beThey call my dick a mammothYou're salty you got a micro-dClassic penis jokeInserted with appropriate timingBecause if I ain't got a penis lineI ain't dinningNo homo, but seriously I'm getting fadedAnd my life is like my vidsLow budget and underratedKids, the only way to succeedIs to chip away at the soul#pinkguy#filthyfrank#friednoodles#dankmeme#dank#meme#toofilthy#music#unneccessary#micro -d #salty