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Anna Kutishcheva (@aphinka) Instagram Profile Photoaphinka

Anna Kutishcheva

103.7 DA BEAT (@1037dabeat) Instagram Profile Photo1037dabeat

103.7 DA BEAT

Check out our Adult R&B Affiliate @247thesound・・・ 1668918679919102815

Check out our Adult R&B Affiliate @247thesound・・・ |Download our Radio App | Play your own On Demand | Submit Your Music To Us#app#247thesound#music#247thesound#randb#soul#throwbacks#app#music#philadelphia

sol_yoga_studio (@sol_yoga_studio) Instagram Profile Photosol_yoga_studio


Thanks to everyone who attended our Holiday Happy1668918427329551770

Thanks to everyone who attended our Holiday Happy Hour Power Flow with @atrav30last evening! We had such an amazing night and definitely got into the Holiday spirit ️

PronouncedGeeah/Nuh/Gaf/Pa (@jenegafpas) Instagram Profile Photojenegafpas


Question - Do you think my photo edits take away f 1668917881324082543

Question - Do you think my photo edits take away from my haircuts?I get a mix bag of opinions. On one end I get messages asking me what I use to edit and on the other hand I get “you shouldn’t edit your photos too much, it takes away from your work...” there’s actually a story behind my edits, especially the chalk smudge art look. In the beginning of this instagram page. I started to look around and observe what others where doing. Then I came across this argument on photos being photo shopped and fades being fake. So it seemed the less edited a photo was, it would be much more respectable. At the time I was taking my photos from the chair with my phone and there would just be background of random stuff in the back like my colleague sleeping in his chair lolSo I had to blurr that out or crop it somehow. Now I was delving into not being so authentic and untouched that I just said f@ckit. If I’m gonna edit the background then why even try to make it look like I didn’t. So pretty much it was just a idgaf moment for me. Eventually, that thing has become a part of my “look” it has always been the thing other people on IG tell me that they really like. Which is kinda cool and not cool because it slightly states that “your haircut is so-so but your editing is the biz!”🤦‍️ It really doesn’t matter to me. I want your attention. Because once I get your attention the important part for me is to tell you to wake up and live out a meaningful existence. That’s my goal. To encourage you and let you know that you are not alone out there in your head. So anyways, does the editing take away from the work?

Child of Night (@childofnight666) Instagram Profile Photochildofnight666

Child of Night

Last show of the year is approaching rapidly. Very 1668917939708193305

Last show of the year is approaching rapidly. Very excited#darkwave#goth#gothic#coldwave#ebm#industrial#synthpop#postpunk#philadelphia