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popcornpepsinachos (@popcornpepsinachos) Instagram Profile Photo popcornpepsinachos



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5 Reasons I'm gonna get hooked on "Our Cartoon President" 1. Showcasing the adventures of the 45th Orange President of the United States! 2. Featuring his groupies Paul Ryan and AG Jeff Sessions, superheirs - Eric and Don Jr., stalker Ted Cruz and arch nemeses - Chuck and Nancy. 3. Fake news, Fake news, Fake news, Fox and Friends, Fake news, Fake weather! 4. From Stephen Colbert and team. 5. The teaser and trailer are actually really funny! Premieres on @showtime on February 11th, here's hoping it's "yuuuggeee"! #paulryan

We are Americans (@trumpslastdays) Instagram Profile Photo trumpslastdays

We are Americans



Edythe O. (@edythe) Instagram Profile Photo edythe

Edythe O.

image by Edythe O. (@edythe) with caption : "#Repost @elonschoenholz with @get_repost
#womensmarchla2018 // #paulryan" - 1696966665479441623
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image by Marius1867 (@trottermarius) with caption : "Picture from today's New York Times: Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi in front of a dejected " - 1696942304667815701
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Picture from today's New York Times: Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi in front of a dejected looking statue of Abraham Lincoln. Who would be thinking: "I saved the Union for THIS?" #paulryan

Michael Flanigan (@motherfukengreatest) Instagram Profile Photo motherfukengreatest

Michael Flanigan

image by Michael Flanigan (@motherfukengreatest) with caption : "@Regranned from @john_decillo -  Now I typically stay away from anything political with my posts. I don’t care which “si" - 1696913254817588222
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@Regranned from @john_decillo - Now I typically stay away from anything political with my posts. I don’t care which “side” you vote for but right is right and wrong is wrong. We should all be fed up with the bullshit in Washington. We have elected a bunch of dysfunctional assholes that can’t get anything right. My first wife was not a citizen and it took me 4 years to do the immigrant visa paperwork. And to hold our military hostage over this kind of bullshit is wrong. Let me ask you all this, isn’t it LAW to pass a budget annually? I’ll ask another question, when has congress completed this requirement. get your dysfunctional asses to work and stop pandering to your donors and do your fucking jobs. Just like we do so we can pay your lazy pandering asses... John out!! @therealdonaldtrump @unclesamsmisguidedchildren @deplorablequeenb #paulryan -

Shout out to @jaredtakescoolphotos for suggesting I watch Broad City, cuz this sign wouldn't exist otherwise. We had an awesome time at the march today. The sign making event at Boscoe's the night before was a great success as well, I got to meet so many great people! I feel super lucky to have so many awesome humans in my life

Trump Regrets (@trump_regrets) Instagram Profile Photo trump_regrets

Trump Regrets

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The White House on Saturday released photos of President Trump working on the first day of the government shutdown and the one-year anniversary of his inauguration. - One photo shows the president walking through a hallway wearing a white "Make America Great Again" hat, while another shows Trump sitting at his desk on the phone. - The third photo shows the president laughing with various members of his staff, including his daughter Ivanka Trump, adviser Jared Kushner, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, communications director Hope Hicks and legislative affairs director Marc Short. - The president was scheduled to travel to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, however, he had to abandon those plans after Senate Republicans and Democrats failed to reach a deal to fund the government. - The White House said on Friday that 1,056 employees of the Executive Office of the President would be furloughed, while 659, who are considered essential, would report to work on Monday. - Two sources close to the president, one a White House official and the other a longtime confidant, told The Daily Beast how excited he was for the event and relayed his growing concern that the potential failure to strike a deal to keep the federal government open could keep him from “my party,” as the president has said. - - #paulryan

Chai. Betach. Tzedek. (@mrs_tzedek_warrior_girl) Instagram Profile Photo mrs_tzedek_warrior_girl

Chai. Betach. Tzedek.

image by Chai. Betach. Tzedek. (@mrs_tzedek_warrior_girl) with caption : "And these are just his 'good' qualities. #sarcasm 😈  #paulryan #sob #pos #republican #wtf" - 1696842423759820545
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And these are just his 'good' qualities. 😈 #paulryan

Hollis Witherspoon (@hollislovesyou) Instagram Profile Photo hollislovesyou

Hollis Witherspoon

image by Hollis Witherspoon (@hollislovesyou) with caption : "In case we forget, it’s not just one bad 🍎 #paulryan" - 1696842369528146904
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In case we forget, it’s not just one bad 🍎 #paulryan