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Alex Walker

Trying not to worry about how fast it’s coming rou 1669822701093280748
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John Seese

#panic-in-princeton 1669821153512121056

#panic -in-princeton

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Besso Bess

You worry about her and she worries about hers.... 1669818466196160275

You worry about her and she worries about hers....#dont#panic

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Yass yass yass. He is.@Regrann from @jolynne_whi 1669803777945610433

Yass yass yass. He is.@regrannfrom @jolynne_whittaker_official- GOD IS HEALING YOUR EMOTIONAL WOUNDS.When we think about supernatural healing, sometimes we equate it with physical healing, almost exclusively.But Jesus can and will heal the whole you.Jesus wants to heal your heart..He wants to put those shattered pieces back together again. He wants to restore your heart.He wants to cauterize the raw, gushing wounds, and make you whole again. The heartbreak, the abuse, that betrayal, that loss --- Jesus wants to restore your mental and emotional wellness, and he can..When the Samaritan woman bumped into Jesus at the communitywell on that hot, sweltering day, she was hurting, her life was...well, less than whole.JOHN 4:4-26Why was she there in the heat of the day?? Wasn't it the local custom to draw water in the morning or at sunset?Indeed, that was the custom.But this woman didn't want to be seen; she didn't want to bump into anybody... You see, her life was just a little messy.Her heart was just a little skewed..Miss Samaritan had been married 4 times, divorced 4 times, and now she was living with some dude who hadn't even bothered to marry her.What a mess.In the Hebraic culture, she was a pariah, unclean, rejected.... and she knew it.How did she feel, with all those failures in her past?How did she feel, knowing #5didn't even find her desirable for the commitment of marriage?We can only imagine...and I'll wager some people reading, know all too well...from personal experience... am I right?. .But in the way Jesus does, He began talking to her about HER, and He began talking to her about salvation, and He began imparting hope and renewal and redirection---IN SHORT, HE GOT HER RIGHT AND ALIGNED HER WITH DESTINY---and not only did Miss Samaritan get saved, but she became the world's first she brought her entire town to Christ.Jesus healed Her emotional wounds... He saved her... then He gave her a purpose..He's going to do the same for you.Jesus is healing your emotional wounds.He's speaking to your heart and your mind and He's commanding renewal, rebirth.He is going to heal your heart

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mIgHt bE gEndEr fLUiD

I love you all deeply and dearly and I will miss y 1669813488464510326

I love you all deeply and dearly and I will miss you.️ •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •please stay alive you matter if you need somebody to talk to please dm me don’t do anything stupid your better than this we will stay strong together stay alive•- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] •- [ ] #brendonurie#sarahurie#tylerjoseph#joshdun#chrissalih#nickthomas#jennajoseph#jennablackjoseph#joshler#joshjoseph#tylerdun#brendonurie#thisisgospel#followforfollow#twentyonepilots#ryanross#top#trash#lol#mcr#panic ! #at#the#disco#mychemicalromance#bored#go#now#panicatthediscoconcert#jennablackjoseph#emobandsoncrack- [ ]