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Jour n°14, bière à la cerise. #noël #calendrierdel 1669429261612064398

Jour n°14, bière à la cerise. #noël#calendrierdelavent#14#beer#mystic

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Kenna Libertoski

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Wyllow Mystic

得到禮物。Gifted.#chrone #克龍 #mystic #berries 1669427972031094079


Brendan Bababes Kashta (@brendanbababeskashta) Instagram Profile Photobrendanbababeskashta

Brendan Bababes Kashta

Regardless of how IN-LIGHTENED a spiritual teacher 1669427367649786300

Regardless of how IN-LIGHTENED a spiritual teacher is, regardless if they can walk through walls, awaken your kundalini, speak in tongues, expound upon the most profound truths or call on entities from another world in the vastness of THE MOST HIGH GOD GODDESS, THE SUPREME DIVINE NATURE AND INTELLIGENCE OF THE UNIVERSES they are simply another student sharing what they have learned. All spiritual teachers are IMPERFECT in their perfection even Jesus (Isho) begged to be spared from the crucifixion and told us that we can do what he has done and GREATER WORKS if we believe in him and embody his way. All human beings are BLESSED with a GIFT and some are given the GIFT to be able to perceive and share messages and Universal Principles incomprehensible to many. However, a GIFT isn't attained or MAINTAINED without some sort of journey or work and this journey contains MISTAKES or errors. Authentic spiritual teachers are not afraid of their MORTALITY and ERRONEOUS HUMAN nature, they embrace it because they know that it is truly a beacon of their DIVINITY to do so. - Brendan Bababes Kashta, Spiritual Teacher and Student of Universal Principles

Your Ass Kicking Soul Sister (@navaelukas) Instagram Profile Photonavaelukas

Your Ass Kicking Soul Sister

M A Y B EI’ve done this... a few times... and I1669424879245429230

M A Y B EI’ve done this... a few times... and I may have been live-streaming sooooooo #sorrynotsorry? When I’ve got shit to say.... you might need to find another spot. ;) .No really... I think I HAVE only done this twice... and there were plenty of other spots .... homeslice just didn’t want to walk the extra 20 feet..I’m NOT here to enable your laziness. Lol. Altruism in disguise

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Premiere-Oddity 1669236775673299984