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Mejor imposible "judia - vikinga - Iraquí" hermoso 1667943126733576436

Mejor imposible "judia - vikinga - Iraquí" hermoso #myheritagedna

Josh Ward (@joshwward) Instagram Profile Photojoshwward

Josh Ward

#ancestry #dna #myheritage #myheritagednaThe #li 1667877202484500223

#ancestry#dna#myheritage#myheritagednaThe #lithuanianheritage explains why my sister is so tan. I always thought it was Native American genes.#neat

Michael Biggs (@itmightbebiggs) Instagram Profile Photoitmightbebiggs

Michael Biggs


My #myheritagednatest kit finally arrived in the mail today after some delays due to the weather.Ever since my grandma passed last year, questions started coming up about where my family even came from. I don't know my grandpa in my mother's side, nor do I know much of anything about my family before my grandma. This kit is the start of me getting those answers.What do I plan on doing with the information?Honestly, I'm still not too sure. But at least this will give me a place to start. I won't see the results for about 4-6 weeks but I'll make sure to update you all as to what my results are!

Pam Bileau (@pamtasyland) Instagram Profile Photopamtasyland

Pam Bileau

Ohhhhhh what am I? #myheritagedna #wondering 1667725525539110945

Ohhhhhh what am I? #myheritagedna#wondering

Jessica Dotson (@jessd0219) Instagram Profile Photojessd0219

Jessica Dotson

Merry Christmas to me #myheritagedna 1667717344706873835

Merry Christmas to me #myheritagedna

Hilary Williams (@hilbil21) Instagram Profile Photohilbil21

Hilary Williams

Looking forward to finding out if there are any su 1667509594429419559

Looking forward to finding out if there are any surprises#dna#ancestry#myheritagedna

Migisi (@iammigisi) Instagram Profile Photoiammigisi


Let's see where our roots lie #myheritagedna 1667456568546576163

Let's see where our roots lie #myheritagedna

Philipp Richter (@flippy26) Instagram Profile Photoflippy26

Philipp Richter


My Heritage DNA ! I'm 100% European. Sooo funny....I'm surprised about 49% East Europe...#myheritagedna#myfamily#wearemore

Baran Arzu Teker (@baranntkr) Instagram Profile Photobaranntkr

Baran Arzu Teker

Beklediğim paket geldi ve bugün hızlıca ABD yolcusu. 4-6 hafta sonra DNA olarak ırk durumumla alakalı % ilk bir bilgiye sahip olmak beni şimdiden heyecanlandırıyor.En azından muallakta durup siyasi ve etnik çekişmelere karşı uzaktan durup gülümserim.Saygılar.#dna#myheritagelife#myheritagedna

Alexis Turner (AL Turner) (@sincerelynature_) Instagram Profile Photosincerelynature_

Alexis Turner (AL Turner)

I've been asking my husband to get one for the lon 1667208940679587400

I've been asking my husband to get one for the longest! I can't wait til he gets his results!!!! #ancestrydnaresults#myheritagedna#nationality#ethicity#thegodinyou#africanman