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Call Me Trina :-) (@callmesetfree) Instagram Profile Photocallmesetfree

Call Me Trina :-)

Getting ready to chow down on some #dinner and som 1672181559551934661
Quotes For The Positive (@quotesforthepositive) Instagram Profile Photoquotesforthepositive

Quotes For The Positive

Ferman DeWitt Thornton (@f_thornton) Instagram Profile Photof_thornton

Ferman DeWitt Thornton


Center of Our World•As I move along the path, my footprints leave there mark on the sand hills which I walk. The scrub oaks and magnolias remind me of home. Of the river and sand that would get between my toes as I headed to the shower.•The river was the center of our world, a place of peace for our troubled souls. While some care to forget that place. I know I can’t because I left a piece of me there. A piece I wish I could get back.•But regrets are things that can pull us from the moment. And this moment is all we have. So as I move down this path and look into the sun. I remember the river, I remember our loved ones, and I remember you.•#poetryoninstagram#freeverse#remembering#walkingmeditation#movingforward#lookingahead#peaceofmind#motovation#memories#mindfulness#sandhills#family#love

And once you have seen clearly you will never want 1672180728644205055
All 2018 & so on, If i gotta walk away or cut you1672180648481248649

All 2018 & so on, If i gotta walk away or cut you off I will do so in a Heart beat #movingforward

Arch. Juan Miguel Jiménez (@islanderdesign) Instagram Profile Photoislanderdesign

Arch. Juan Miguel Jiménez

Last days of the year with my girls! Catching up a 1672177879369488716

Last days of the year with my girls! Catching up and some mojitos...