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Ame + Mummy / Daddy (@dlaohome) Instagram Profile Photo dlaohome

Ame + Mummy / Daddy

We have so much fun dressing up! 🎃👻👩‍👧💋💄

Instagram Image by CERIANI (@javierceriani) with caption : "Felicidades @rositahurtadol por tu Fundación Latin Angels #solidarity #bolivia #comunity #moda #style Te quiero Amiga!! " at Open Stage Club - 1695377780554653119

Felicidades @rositahurtadol por tu Fundación Latin Angels Te quiero Amiga!! Moda con Propósito!! #movie

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[英国王のスピーチ] 吃音障害を抱えた内気なジョージ6世が、言語療法士の助けを借りて障害を克服し、第2次世界大戦開戦にあたって国民を勇気づける見事なスピーチを披露して人心を得るまでを描く。 . 公開した時すごく話題になっていたのを覚えてますが、王室の話だし堅くて面白くなさそうだと思ってずっと観てませんでした。 観てみた感想としては、政治とか歴史の話も絡むので、?マークが付く所もありましたが、全体としてはすごく面白かったです! . 私の小学生の時の同級生にも吃音障害の子がいました。そういう障害だなんてその頃は誰も分かっていなかったので、その子が話す時は誰もが、いつコケるか分からない、緊張感のある空気だったのをよく覚えています。 吃音ではないですが、私は普通に人前で話すのが苦手なので、どうにかしたいです(笑) #movie#🎥

I Am What I Watch (@iamwhatiwatch) Instagram Profile Photo iamwhatiwatch

I Am What I Watch

image by I Am What I Watch (@iamwhatiwatch) with caption : "1987: when the day come 8.5 / 10

Okay, this korean movie is inspired from the true story of the military regime of pres" - 1695382222440650733
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1987: when the day come 8.5 / 10 Okay, this korean movie is inspired from the true story of the military regime of president chun doo hwan. A pro democracy student who participated in a protest against the regime was tortured to death during an interrogation session and his death was hidden. This led to the reaction of a handful of people and journalists who wanted to reveal the truth. Okay, with a theme like that you can think a movie with a similar theme, yes, "spotlight" that won the best picture on oscar 2017. The difference is the story style packed with a touch of Korean drama (which again too drama if in my opinion) combined with action and "upset" scenes. The story is built very well. The introduction of every character who will be involved is amazingly neat and systematic so it is very easy to digest (apart from the name of korea which I think is very difficult to remember) and can be enjoyed immediately. Okay, the portrayal of the atmosphere at that time was visualized amazingly great. Exciting, tense and very intense. In addition, the costumes of the 80s, objects such as walkman radio, crossword puzzlee, and everthing that became characteristic of the 80s also made me (a child born in the 80s) nostalgic. The gripping horror atmosphere during the riots also feels so real (so remember the detroit film) and that makes you suffocate and because I am reflecting with the riots of 1998 that happen in indonesia. Okay, in a movie with a theme like this, which may parties involved, maybe will be difficult to divide for the portion of each player l. But surprissingly amazing every character that appear here all portiin well as their role. The most memorable character is the antagonist. His face so annoying. Okay, intermezzo, random thought, with this kind of packaging, the story of history can be easily digest and maybe as other alternative to study history. Okay, in conclusion, The best. Happy watching #movie