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hi I'm gaby & my feed isa mess (@gabyme.png) Instagram Profile Photogabyme.png

hi I'm gaby & my feed isa mess


this movie!! fucks me up!! every time!! I told myself I wouldn't cry the third time watching it but I had to silently hold back the tears in front of my family cause I was LOSING IT!! Sorry if this sounds whack this whole experience left me really emotionalpicture credit for the second pic goes to the lovely @noragaymeme! thank you for the gorgeous photo ️


It’s hard to live someone who’s always far awayAnime: Your NameFinals are over for me and thank you for not unfollowing me because of that. Those who didn’t unfollow me and for those who did while I was gone Thank you. Thanks for understanding the situation#anime #yourname #mitsuha #taki #mitsuhaxtaki #edit #edit1 #edit2 #edit3 #alotofedits #2k18anime #2018anime #beentoolong #posted

Matching W/ Luna!! 💓💓 (@lights.mp4) Instagram Profile Photolights.mp4

Matching W/ Luna!! 💓💓

i just wanna be, i just wanna be yours, for the ni 1670615666922036547

i just wanna be, i just wanna be yours, for the night. // DT: @sexualuna