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Forward4Victory (@forward4victory) Instagram Profile Photoforward4victory


Then I started calling #backpacking companies... I 1670905034931565763

Then I started calling #backpackingcompanies... I called 22 of them.@outdoorsmanssaid, "Yes." They said we get calls all the time ... but this sounds amazing! The owner Cody and his main man Jake listened, heard my vision and they provided 6 Atlas Trainers for our beta launch.This special pack allowed us to safely scale rucking and provided a partner to easily expand across the country.Having them as a partner is a game changer!#fitness#gethealthy#positive#journey#military#hunt#crossfit#crossfitter#movement#hike#backpack#hiking#trail#minnesota#minneapolis#positive#journey#mentalhealth#awareness@nuunhydration@woodwaytreadmills

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Substance For You

Craig buddy! At first I thought you were from Chic 1670904808087493438

Craig buddy! At first I thought you were from Chicago, let's be honest... @onejerkchicagobut then you got some tees and I got even more jealous that you're in warm and sunny weather every day! But, what really got me to get some good love for ya man was seeing the passion you have for bettering yourself not only with the gym, but with recovery bro! Just our conversations and seeing how you want to help end the stigma by spreading our and your anti stigma message, it's powerful! So buddy CONGRATS thanks for being that living proof! Anyone you get in our rad tees send their photos and time our way and we'd love to get them up for some support as this community is strong because of you!!!!

Kelsey Farris (@old_noir) Instagram Profile Photoold_noir

Kelsey Farris

|Fallen, Amon|.#AngelswithoutwingsTitled as mar 1670904555860121049

|Fallen, Amon|.#angelswithoutwingsTitled as marquis in hell with considerable power, was ranked as 7th spirit in "The goetia" amongst the top prominent members of Gods late angels. Amon is said to procure talent in starting feuds and reconciliation between friends;also written is how he tells of past and things to come..We come sometimes in friendships and relationships debates,conflict, agreement,bonding, etc...Manipulation from the enemy is the number one way it attacks spirit and what we do in our daily lives. If we allow negative moments between people we hold dearest to stay and manifest then repairing the damage done in time will always take longer; especially when we don't mean to hurt another's feelings. Sometimes this is based on events that happen suddenly in our lives and those demons try to work on everyone around you to go against you by twisting the values that make such a person virtuous(in Gods eyes at least). Not everyone understands the plan made for day they will....John13:7 -"you don't understand what I'm doing now but, one day you will.".Thank you in advance for your support in my time of coping by utilizing this series as my outlet. You are amazing not by the worth your friends say of you but, by that you exist and carry qualities that separate you from every treasure that exists today.God bless.

Urs Baumgartner (@urs_baumgartner) Instagram Profile Photours_baumgartner

Urs Baumgartner

#resist the environment 🥀️ #staystrong and keep th 1670868388693420136

#resistthe environment 🥀️ #staystrongand keep the #focuson #yourselfdon’t get too much #influencedby all the fake social-/ media stuff... 🤯#beyourselfand go #yourway‍️ #liveyour #passionand stay #balanced️ 🤸‍️ ........#freedom#health#joy#happiness#love#thankful#yoga#prana#enlightenment#gratitude#mentalhealth#mindfulness#meditation#path#love

© Saba Rizvi Art Inc. (@sabsrizviart) Instagram Profile Photosabsrizviart

© Saba Rizvi Art Inc.

Super excited to add these to the collection. Than 1670902753844510022

Super excited to add these to the collection. Thank you, Secret Santa!P.S. Apologies. *Sad times*P.P.S. 'What's yours like?'*****#sabsrizviart

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Just Cartoon Things

And I have the most wonderful people in my life wh 1670902248942518245

And I have the most wonderful people in my life who have continued to support me during this time. The most important thing that I've learnt in the past few months: Do not be ashamed of admitting what you are going through.Yes. I am on medication. And yes I need them. My brain is tired and fragile. But I am surrounded by good people. They are protective about me and have shown unconditional love and support. Mental sickness need not be stigmatized.@prernagrewal@meghnaanair@ke.shav#mentalhealth#depression