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Runner | Shoe Expert (@runningshoesguru) Instagram Profile Photorunningshoesguru

Runner | Shoe Expert

💥Ana Croger💥 (@anacroger) Instagram Profile Photoanacroger

💥Ana Croger💥

#thenorthfacehongkong what an adventure- so hard.1671091640717443784

#thenorthfacehongkongwhat an adventure- so hard. So happy to be back over the finish line to my Dad @pereira9305who has been here from the start of the race this morning walked to he first 3 checkpoints and is getting this exhausted girl back to my family tonight. So many people to thank first and foremost @scocro5you are my everything . @jodieultrachickyou’ve gone above and beyond as a coach and a friend- hours and hours with me every weekend in the mountains- thank you isn’t enough. @runningmumsaustraliafor always having my back and sending me so much love and support from home️. @fisiocremaustraliafor helping me recover. Thanksto the BTR crew and Gold Coast and Brisbane trail runners for keeping me company. Thank you thank you thank you for believing in me#dreambig

Brian Lock (@roadrunner309) Instagram Profile Photoroadrunner309

Brian Lock

2,316 miles for the year. Why am I sharing my yearly mileage? Because yesterday's run was my last of the year.▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ I finally decided to see the doctor for some nagging foot discomfort (not even really pain) that just hasn't gotten better for a few weeks. The result? A probable stress fracture in my navicular bone. 2 weeks in a boot, 2 more weeks not running. Puts me 15 weeks out from my goal race. Challenge. Accepted! #timetohitthatbike#keepmovingforward#findthepositive

Lydia Braham (@lrbraham07) Instagram Profile Photolrbraham07

Lydia Braham

Sun’s up, time to grind@livingengine ‍️‍️‍️ #pla 1671087438091821326
Caitlin Barclay (@ctxbarclay) Instagram Profile Photoctxbarclay

Caitlin Barclay

Day 104... marathon training ain’t all runshine an 1671090856911480491

Day 104... marathon training ain’t all runshine and sainbows. #whyarewedoingthis ? #marathontraining#idontevenlikerunning@_darbst_

Rachael Colacino (@rachaels_runners) Instagram Profile Photorachaels_runners

Rachael Colacino

Never ever give up.#rachaelsrunners 1671090406819261020

Never ever give up.#rachaelsrunners

12K (7 mile) of Christmas Run. 1671090761851812600

12K (7 mile) of Christmas Run.