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Christin Barnes (@christin_barnes) Instagram Profile Photochristin_barnes

Christin Barnes

Owning your own time, receiving an additional/resi 1668994869426519913

Owning your own time, receiving an additional/residual income, retiring yourself or family member from the corporate world, running a very smart & simple business along side of two incredible Doctors how YOU want...maybe isn't for you. What if it is? What if you just needed a couple questions answered? I encourage you to at least get all the facts. Message me and I'll add you to our business presentation tomorrow evening & you can decide for yourself. No commitment & no interaction at all. Just Q & A posts. #lifechangingopportunity#opportunity#rodanandfields#rflife#justthefacts#whatif#beyourownceo#freedom#nothingchangesifnothingchanges

RADIOPUSHERSTV (@radiopusherstv) Instagram Profile Photoradiopusherstv


#Repost @newhypebeast (@get_repost)・・・#Repost @k 1668939179572032078

#repost@newhypebeast(@get_repost )・・・#repost@kingblessbx(@get_repost )・・・Salute to Big Brother @therealdjkayslayThe love I have been receiving is incredible. I appreciate everyone showing love, reposting & reaching out!!! This is just the beginning I have PLENTY more to say!! I'm speaking to the streets#peopleschamp#bluechipboyz️️️ #bcx1tv#radiopushers#thenewvoiceofmillennialmusic#resultsandnohype#junglerules#justthefacts#rairadio#thisiswhatnewyorksoundslikeS/O TO @kingblessbxand we're honored to work alongside your brand fam!! Congrats on launching your Streaming TV Channel Network for Amazon Fire TV #bcx1tvLet's get it!!!! Let's get that interview with @mreckgmthis week!!! @patience_jay@itsjuststoops@iamjopaul@iamglory1@iamtvseries@truekaylajay@irvgotti187@chrisgotti187@emprahthagreat@drummaboyfresh@drumsquadrecords@freshphamily@houseoffreshatl@hitmakertep@hitmansteviej_1@jibbathegent@matthewbschultz

Talknicetuesday (@talknicetuesday) Instagram Profile Phototalknicetuesday


Quote:Facts are stubborn things; and whatever ma 1668276533310304344

Quote:Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. - John AdamsQuestion:What is the source of your facts?Quest:The line about a lie traveling faster was written in a time when news came in conversations, newspapers and handwritten letters. With today’s communication systems, a false narrative can go viral within seconds. So this week pause. Get the whole story. Seek the source of every fact and look at the source of the story. Look at the publication, it’s about page and check out links. Read other posts by the same source. Read posts with opposing opinions. Facts should be the same. And when you share a story, share the source or share that it’s your opinion.Imagine if facts and truth became the core and practice of every exchange! Let’s help truth travel the world at the speed of our light.️

Victor Maitland (@victormaitland1984) Instagram Profile Photovictormaitland1984

Victor Maitland

That's the difference...facts over "I thinks" and1668247843623968274

That's the difference...facts over "I thinks" and "I feels" and, "in my opinion". #justthefacts

Michele Payn (@mpaynspeaker) Instagram Profile Photompaynspeaker

Michele Payn

You decide what is the right food for you based up 1668186661924912007

You decide what is the right food for you based upon your family’s needs and priorities - not a brand, label claim, guilt or status symbol.Know your social, ethical, environmental and nutritional standards to avoid food marketing bullying.

Southern_belle_72 (@southern_belle_72) Instagram Profile Photosouthern_belle_72


A friend sent me this on a t-shirt today.Those w 1667806801897461275

A friend sent me this on a t-shirt today.Those who know me know.Always prepared.I really should have gone to law school.I wasn’t even on the debate team.I should have been though. Lol.I always know even though you may think I don’t.#beprepared#justthefacts#pivottables#charts#graphs#research#data