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Tattooartist Eros.  Padova (@erosbodyart) Instagram Profile Photo erosbodyart

Tattooartist Eros. Padova

Luke Morgan (@lukexmorgan) Instagram Profile Photo lukexmorgan

Luke Morgan

image by Luke Morgan (@lukexmorgan) with caption : "I'm just a dog chasing cars. 
Remembering 10 years since the world lost Heath Ledger

#joker#heathledger#tattoo#darkknig" - 1698192940080186128
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I'm just a dog chasing cars. Remembering 10 years since the world lost Heath Ledger tattoo

BBB 18 É AQUI NO CBN 🔥 (@cbnonline) Instagram Profile Photo cbnonline


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10 ANOS DA MORTE DO ATOR HEATH LEDGER 😔💔 . Fãs relembram hoje, 22, o aniversário de 10 anos da morte do ator australiano . Em 22 de janeiro de 2008, o astro foi encontrado morto em sua residência em Nova York, Estados Unidos. O óbito foi causado pelo consumo de altas doses de remédios. A carreira de Ledger teve início na televisão australiana, na década de 1990. Mas seu primeiro filme de sucesso foi o longa-metragem norte-americano "10 coisas que eu odeio em você" (1999).

gun car bullets supercars (@seven.shoot) Instagram Profile Photo seven.shoot

gun car bullets supercars

image by gun car bullets supercars (@seven.shoot) with caption : "Today is the anniversary of Heath Ledger💔
 #why_so_serious ? #joker #joker🃏 #jokerandharley #jokers #jokertatt" - 1698155148655557592
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Today is the anniversary of Heath Ledger💔 . . . . . ? 🃏 tattoo Heath Ledger as the Joker Before choosing Ledger to play the role in July 2006, Paul Bettany, lacquered Hulme, Adrien Brody, Steve Carell Vrabyn Williams announced only for the role. Nolan has previously wanted to work on several projects with Ledger that this was not achieved and the way they played Ledger's role, it was his custom. When Ledger saw Batman Begins movie, he found how the characters make the film the match. Joker himself as "a psycho clown, killer, Rvangsykhth and emotionless," described. Throughout the movie, the Joker says he wants the crime, disturb the social order. To play this role, Ledger lived in a hotel for a month and during that time the only, way of speaking and practicing his movements and thoughts and feelings joker joker wrote in a notebook. Ledger and Christian Bale said he was inspired by A Clockwork Orange and Sid wisches "but soon entered the world of others." Ledger Joker in the movie that sends a threatening films themselves and each other alone made the difference. On January 22, 2008, while filming was finished Dark Knight, Heath Ledger died due to poisoning due to consumption of several drugs together. Nolan said: "It was very difficult emotionally for us, every day [when editing and video editing] he saw. But the truth is that I am very lucky that I worked with him on this project and I am very proud to play him in the movie. " Nolan film dedicated to Heath Ledger.