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zombie boy. ♡ (@ilysm_schnapp) Instagram Profile Photo ilysm_schnapp

zombie boy. ♡

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they’re gazebos!! — my fave part of the movie lol. so i’ve made a couple changes to this acc. i unfollowed almost everyone cause i had too much spam and ghosties so if you want a follow back just ask :) & i will not only post stranger things scenes but also it and maybe other series? also changed my theme as you see. anyway, i hope you like it!! ☁️🐰 — 2017 — fc;; 993

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@sophialillis 🎩☕️🌸 Drawing and painting for the lovely @sophialillis . I couldn’t decide whether to draw or paint this, so I did both🌻 I’m really proud of these! Please tag her in the comments, I would love her to see these 💜🐢 🎈 2017