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♌︎ | fcpx editor (@h.allows) Instagram Profile Photo h.allows

♌︎ | fcpx editor

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ending thing says: it's so crazy to me how one person can literally mean the world "yoy". it's so crazy how you can't sleep unless you know this one person is safe and happy. how you can't even be happy yourself until you know their problems aren't bothering them as much. and how you'd do anything in the world just to make them happy. i'd drag myself out bed  if they waned to talk because they're so important to me. i kinda suck with emotions, especially talking about them, and expressing them but a great friend told me to (cheesily) say it from the heart. honestly it's fucking crazy how long you've put up with my bullshit & neediness because if i was you, i would've dumped me months ago. ran u make me laugh until i physICALLY can't breathe, smile & cry. u make me happy when i feel like death and calm me down all  the time. i'm always gonna be here for you 25/8 and i love u with all of my heart. i'd be gross and probs dead or something dramatic like that if it wasn't for you. and for that, i love and appreciate you even more. "xD". - ac; mine shake credits to fcpxtutorials on yt dt; dora

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Uzzeellah Zango (@sir_uzzeededon) Instagram Profile Photo sir_uzzeededon

Uzzeellah Zango

image by Uzzeellah Zango (@sir_uzzeededon) with caption : "Hulan fa koyon sawa nakeyi.....#IT'S TIME!" - 1694445297714693798
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Hulan fa koyon sawa nakeyi.....#IT'S TIME!

Tim Gal ( Instagram Profile Photo

Tim Gal

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#it #🎧 - The Only One (feat. Skizzy Mars) by @sounds_app