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Makayla Jade | @hcophotocinema (@mklajade) Instagram Profile Photomklajade

Makayla Jade | @hcophotocinema

Reflecting on 2017 and thinking... HOW. EFFING. BL 1671093119862900613

Reflecting on 2017 and thinking... HOW. EFFING. BLESSED. I feel to be living out my dream.Seriously.I used to think celebrating successes publicly was poor etiquette, NOW... I realize I need to reflect on these small victories more than I need to care about who's judging me for them. .LIFE IS HARD. .THE GAME ISN'T FAIR.YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE.Which, most of the time, is MORE THAN YOU HAVE..BE THANKFUL for wins, celebrate the small things, toast to tiny victories.Reflect & Grow.

Mike👽 (@mikes.empire) Instagram Profile Photomikes.empire


Instagram Photo taken by mikes.empire 1671093159029284061
Marianne Caponnetto (@mfcpix) Instagram Profile Photomfcpix

Marianne Caponnetto

Winter Sunrise :As the sun wakes up the nightOve 1671092803504248345

Winter Sunrise :As the sun wakes up the nightOver the chill fields of white,Bereft of its summer green.Mauve tinged heavens give it sheen.Lo, a small and brilliant fireRising, riding ever higher,With a promise warming me:Thou, the goal of my desire,A new Day has come with thee.” Walter Conrad “1878-1954. American art collector, critic and poet.#art#artcollector#modernart#metzinger#duchamp#francisbacon#pittsburgh#harvard#poet#poetry#francisbaconfoundation#philadelohiamuseumofart#makingmischief#dadainvadesnewyork1966#whitneymuseum#sunrise#sky#skyperfection#skylovers#skywatchers#naturephotography#nature_brilliance#naturelovers#naturegram#naturelovers#nature#inspirational#

Fx-Alerts (@joefxtrader) Instagram Profile Photojoefxtrader


My girl️ 1671092490708473100

My girl️

Everything to gain. 1671092212930117521

Everything to gain.

Motivate | Inspire | Educate (@_dream_followers_) Instagram Profile Photo_dream_followers_

Motivate | Inspire | Educate

️READ THE CAPTION️There are same people who think 1671092273737595996

️READ THE CAPTION️There are same people who thinks that our existing doesn't matters a lot but they don't know that there's does for us..BUT NOW IT'S ENOUGH. I have some SELF-RESPECT. Now I love myself first, I care about myself first, I respect myself first, I do what makes me happy, I think what's good for me, Because it's my life not theirs..Follow our sponsor of this post .@thesilverherbs@thesilverherbs.@thesilverherbsFor best quality of customised tees and hoodies.