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x x x t e n t a c i o n (@onfroythejahseh) Instagram Profile Photo onfroythejahseh

x x x t e n t a c i o n

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This , is is art @xxxtentacion •••• (First 3 : @4balissa , 4-9 : @drizzyyydrakeeeee )

Psychic Passage (@psychicpassage) Instagram Profile Photo psychicpassage

Psychic Passage

image by Psychic Passage (@psychicpassage) with caption : "Todays cards are The Lovers and the Queen of Wands. I can feel the passion from here. The Lovers is number 6 of the Majo" - 1697844169164564329
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Todays cards are The Lovers and the Queen of Wands. I can feel the passion from here. The Lovers is number 6 of the Major Arcana amd ruled by Gemini it is a card of duality and choice. You could find yourself at a crossroads and you need to make a major decision regarding a relationship this can be love or business. There are normally two options , do you take the moral high road and do what's right for all involved ? Or do you listen to the fire that burns inside and take a risk ? With such a major decision to make it is important to look at all the facts and be honest about your feelings. Try to discuss your current situation with someone you trust and is able to offer you an unbiased point of view. This will give you the confidence to make the right choice . Once you have decided you must stick by your decision with 100% conviction there will be no turning back and no second chances. The Queen of Wands will normally represent a woman over thirty she is ruled by Aries and Pisces , if it is not a person it can be the type of energy you come across. She is passionate , compassionate , kind , fiery , mysterious , confident, creative and full of lust. The Queen has a magnetic quality that many people can be drawn to . Her energy is also contagious as she is able to offer wisdom and knowledge with great enthusiasm and excitement , empowering everybody she meets. If you are faced with a choice regarding relationships and partnerships in your life, it could be as simple as do you follow your heart or go with your head ? This is a wake up call so take your time and choose wisely , weigh things up so you fully understand the consequences of each choice. Whatever you decide have no regrets and keep your fire lit.

Instagram Image by 陽子 (@crea_san) with caption : "旅行難民


#水着 #ビキニ #海 #夏 #思い出 #海水浴 #現実逃避 #日焼け #旅行#難民#水晶浜 #綺麗 #ポートレート #japan #fukui #sea #b" at 水晶浜海水浴場 - 1697846075208241095
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旅行難民 やっと行き先決まった💓 やりたいことばかりが増えてゆく✈🐘🌴🐯💓 #indecision

Cicely Gilkey (@cicgilkey) Instagram Profile Photo cicgilkey

Cicely Gilkey

image by Cicely Gilkey (@cicgilkey) with caption : "#facts I hate #indecision" - 1697787120825207619
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I hate #indecision

Leo Carrillo Jr (@leocarrilloj) Instagram Profile Photo leocarrilloj

Leo Carrillo Jr

image by Leo Carrillo Jr (@leocarrilloj) with caption : "💜🕆💜 #EveryThoughtWeThink! ! ! 💜🕆💜 💚🕆💚 #IsCreatingOurFuture! ! ! 💚🕆💚 #SUNDAYPRAYER: ❤🕆❤🕆❤🕆❤ #PrayWithMeNow - 😀 😇💜🕆💜😇 😀

#" - 1697656798969825164
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💜🕆💜 ! ! ! 💜🕆💜 💚🕆💚 ! ! ! 💚🕆💚 : ❤🕆❤🕆❤🕆❤ - 😀 😇💜🕆💜😇 😀 , Let Your Holy Spirit Be Powerful To Direct Our Thinking Today So That It -Pity, , -Will, -Seeking, And . ❤🕆❤ Inspire Our , , And . Free us from and #indecision. Guide us through this Day and show us what we need to do to take care of any problems. 💙🕆💙 We ask all these things that we may be of and our fellow man.💚🕆💚 ❤❤.❤❤ ❤😇❤ ! ! ! ❤😇❤ 💙😇💙!💙😇💙

Rikki Walker (@_rikkiwalker) Instagram Profile Photo _rikkiwalker

Rikki Walker

image by Rikki Walker (@_rikkiwalker) with caption : "#truthbomb" - 1697649991354244550
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