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Dr. Dan (@allsportsdoctor) shared  Image on Instagram - 1696203783087748874
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Gabriela Torres (@gabrielanogaby) Instagram Profile Photo gabrielanogaby

Gabriela Torres

Instagram Image by Gabriela Torres (@gabrielanogaby) with caption : "Recuerdo atrasado de SF. #Immigrants #Hamilton" at San Francisco, California - 1696197710012302346

Recuerdo atrasado de SF. #Immigrants

We The People DC (@wethepeopledc) Instagram Profile Photo wethepeopledc

We The People DC

Instagram Image by We The People DC (@wethepeopledc) with caption : "As I head home in an @uber, it's impossible not to mention #immigrants in my last post of the day. According to @thinkpr" at Washington, District of Columbia - 1696194303205648519

As I head home in an @uber, it's impossible not to mention #immigrants in my last post of the day. According to @thinkprogress, 90% of New York Uber drivers are immigrants, and while I can't find a figure for DC, I suspect it's not much different. I enjoy talking to my drivers and their stories are a source of such inspiration. Tonight, my driver Alamin tells me he fled the Second Eritrean Civil War in 1981. 37 years later, he could not be prouder of the life he has built for his family in America. So as I sign off the handle, I tip my metaphorical hat to this and the ! I hope you've enjoyed my day, and feel free to keep following at @melindahwood. Goodnight, DC!

Left Unity 👌👌👌 (@doctorcomrade) Instagram Profile Photo doctorcomrade

Left Unity 👌👌👌

image by Left Unity 👌👌👌 (@doctorcomrade) with caption : "Spread the word
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#communism #socialism #anarchism #antifa #lgbt #feminism #gay #immigrants #immigrantswel" - 1696191145062615631
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Spread the word - - - - - - - - #immigrants

Marisol ❤ (@sweetmarisol) Instagram Profile Photo sweetmarisol

Marisol ❤

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Another bad "hombre or rapist" @realdonaldtrump fuck Trump.... 🙏🦋❤🇲🇽 God is watching.... 🇲🇽❤🦋 I know this will not last 4ever... #Immigrants

Robyn Townsend (@katzklaus) Instagram Profile Photo katzklaus

Robyn Townsend

image by Robyn Townsend (@katzklaus) with caption : "I made my first meme!! #DACA #dreamers #immigrants" - 1696173318766120235
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I made my first meme!! #immigrants

Régine Soul (@reginesoul) Instagram Profile Photo reginesoul

Régine Soul

28 years ago, my parents marched across the Brooklyn Bridge from Grand Army Plaza to Wall Street to denounce negative stereotypes made about . It's bittersweet that almost 30 years later, I am walking for the same cause; this time at the hands of a divisive, racist regime. Today, I gathered with friends and family and fellow immigrants and peacemakers to march in . Enough is enough. THIS IS AMERICA. WE ARE HERE TO STAY AND WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!! 🇭🇹🔵🔴✊🏾🖕🏾 #immigrants