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Goodnight Games

DISPATCHED FROM:The Desk of Director of Oyanumi1669931119365022916

DISPATCHED FROM:The Desk of Director of Oyanumi CorporationTsuko LishimoDISPATCHED TO:All Active Corporate PersonalTIMESTAMP: 1101 HOURS, DECEMBER 1ST, 2088SUBJECT: COMPANY RESTRUCTURING AND MOVING FORWARDHello Everyone,For those unaware, after several years of working at this company, Mr. Hugh Donnelly has stepped down as Director, effective immediately. He will continue his public facing duties, but I will be taking over all directorial operations.I won't go in specifics, but a number of situations over the last several years, including the disappearance of the Aeternum, and tensions between us and the United American Federation, have seen the Board question the direction Oyanumi is heading. With that, Hugh, has decided step down once he announces a formal investigation into the Aeternum Incident.Ladies and gentleman, despite what anyone else will say, what you may hear, even see, Oyanumi Corporation is still the best at what do.We will get through this.And if we have to use any means necessary, we will do so.Signed,Tsuko LishimoDirector of Oyanumi Corporation *THIS MEMO IS MEANT FOR INTERNAL REVIEW ONLY. ANY PERSON (S) FOUND DISTRIBUTING SAID DISPATCH WILL PERSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

Jermaín Odremán (@jermaindirector) Instagram Profile Photojermaindirector

Jermaín Odremán

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 The box, you opened it, we came... Bolsa Pinhead, 1669973449723245562

The box, you opened it, we came... Bolsa Pinhead, tamanho M, com bolsinho interno e alça longa com regulagem.#lojasarahrotten#sarahrotten#pinhead#cenobite#hellraiser#horror#horrormovies#horrorfan#horrorgirl#horrorgram#terror#dark#alternative#spooky#ghoul#creepy