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ariyanto kucluk (@kucluk_music) Instagram Profile Photokucluk_music

ariyanto kucluk

KEANEHOPES AND FEARSImport bagusHarga 80.0001669024912839260075

KEANEHOPES AND FEARSImport bagusHarga 80.000WA 087838634651#keane #hopesandfears #jajanrock

Errol John (@johnkatorsi) Instagram Profile Photojohnkatorsi

Errol John

KEANE BEST ALBUM TO DATE#keane#hopesandfears1668761866232706618
Ricardo Esquivel (@acidrich) Instagram Profile Photoacidrich

Ricardo Esquivel

Productos Personalizados (@personalizatuproducto) Instagram Profile Photopersonalizatuproducto

Productos Personalizados

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀JÚLIA CLEMENTE (@juliaclemente_) Instagram Profile Photojuliaclemente_


\\I walked across an empty land. []I knew1668162912315077537

\\ • • • I walked across an empty land. []I knew the pathway like the back of my hand.I felt the earth beneath my feetSat by the river and it made me complete.

Adard Robertos (@adard_rocks) Instagram Profile Photoadard_rocks

Adard Robertos

Estaba entre dos realidades, entre los miedos y la 1667968617524199247

Estaba entre dos realidades, entre los miedos y las esperanzas de un laberinto onírico entre universos. No había pasado ni futuro y mi cuerpo se acoplaba en un sueño en el que la vida y la muerte no existía#laberintoonirico#realitydreams#vintage#isfutureorpast#vintagestyle#insideadreams#paralisisdelsueño#past#twoworlds#theworldspins#hopesandfears#paralysis#mysecretlife#intothedarkness

When you hear alot of music in a retail store, you 1667675258659043564

When you hear alot of music in a retail store, you tend to easily get annoyed or maybe even a sense of joyous coincidence that one of your favorite songs is playing. No doubt that the Wallmarts or Targets will play something that will make you roll your eyes, and in some rare cases, a retail store playlist will surprise you with a handful Spotify finds in your lifetime. One band has been playing in rotation for like the last 5 years at my job, and I never bothered to check to see who was playing because I'm just too busy. I finally realized that after all these years, I finally type the lyrics I hear all the time on a Google search and found #keane . I then filtered my results to videos, and BAM....I went through every video and was surprised that I heard each of these songs at work and at other places. I admit I had a little guilty pleasure at first but my faves are Crystal Ball, Try Again, Spiralling, and way to many others to list. I officially start my collection today with #hopesandfearsCheers!#vinylcollection#vinylrecords#records#guiltypleasure

Effloresce Records (@efflorescerecords) Instagram Profile Photoefflorescerecords

Effloresce Records

Keane / Hopes & Fears / RM110 1667155251207010737

Keane / Hopes & Fears / RM110

Sophie Scrabeck (@23sjryans23) Instagram Profile Photo23sjryans23

Sophie Scrabeck

Somewhere only we know#singingnight#hopesandfears# 1665823447824771957