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Charissa Adeline

Today, my landlord made an innocent comment when s 1670909679142064510

Today, my landlord made an innocent comment when she saw me after not meeting for a year. She said (directly translated from Hokkien) "Oh, you're fatter now". Which could be meant as "Oh, you've put on weight". Which I could have received positively as an "Oh good, you've put on some weight which is a better look on you than skinny was" if it weren't for the slight look of concern on her face..I don't hold it against her (despite casually walking away after a few more lines were exchanged) because I understand that it's just a cultural norm. Culturally acceptable for one's weight to be a conversation topic. As is the case every single time I'm in the presence of my MIL..In the past, this would have sent me spiraling into self hatred and feeling like a big fat pig. But I know better now. So I walk myself to my bathroom mirror. And I look myself in the face and say."Hey you. You are beautiful. Sure some days you don't feel your best, and sometimes people say things that make you want to run into a corner and die. But on other days, like yesterday, you looked in the mirror and felt so very beautiful. So happy. So alive. So, why not hold on tight to the positive emotions. How about you lose yourself in self love instead. Because the good is equally as real as the bad, and you can choose the space you want to exist in. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You are doing your best and you are happy. Just as you are.".And just like that, today - love won the battle.#bopo#bopowarrior#bopoasia#effyourbeautystandards#honormycurves#celebratemysize#daretowear#imnotperfect#imnomodeleither#selflove#selfworth#momlife#motherhood#motherhoodunplugged#motherhoodthroughinstagram#momsofinstagram#motherhoodrising#takingbackpostpartum

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Comment below with your fav sound.... let's share1670909092124452431

Comment below with your fav sound.... let's share our inner as much as out outer#selfpositiveactivist