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frog face ☁️ (@strwgerxwolfhard) Instagram Profile Photostrwgerxwolfhard

frog face ☁️

Thank you @insane_sid_1031 he does great work on m 1670328253247505089

Thank you @insane_sid_1031he does great work on masks this is mine not done yet but getting there if you ever need a mask go to him #hauntedhouse#masks#actors

ZOMBIE SAM (@zsamofficial) Instagram Profile Photozsamofficial


️READ THIS️Can you believe this is the only copy o 1670308864749543831

️READ THIS️Can you believe this is the only copy of my album I have signed by all of us?! Now it's a bit too late.. new members so this turns into a rare piece. Anyhow if you want a signed copy by me of my 1st album grab one for Xmas link in bio. You will receive a guitar pick and some goodies. Grab one now!!!

Agent Ianetti squinted though the tears. He couldn 1670283792760138672

Agent Ianetti squinted though the tears. He couldn't believe the sight in front of him. There was his wife... His dead wife... holding out her hand for his. Leading him upstairs to a bedroom. "This... this isn't right..." said Ianetti. He could see it now, as the faltering daylight of the bedroom window cast across her face. He could see this thing was not Kathryn. But a horror, a silhouette of skull and rotted skin. He could smell the rot in this room. Years as an agent told him one thing. It was the reek of the dead. "MArC0...yOu leT hER DIE!" It said. "I cAn tAstE tHe mIseRy iN yoUr hEaD...giVe iN...lEt iT wAsh oVEr y0u..." Ianetti stood his ground. He knew it was time. He reached into his pocket, and produced a shotgun shell, wrapped in dried kindling. A wick was protruding from the end. It was an old incendiary I.E.D. he'd learned to make in Afghanistan. "Every night I've had the same nightmare about the darkness inside me. Dark demons like you." Said Ianetti. "It always starts with a black staircase to the basement of my mind. I open the door and look down. I say no, please God, don't make me go down there. But the eyes are down there, reflecting my candlelight like old rust rivets. The eyes run bone digits along the ancient Steinway. Minor notes fluttering on dusty strings.Come dance with me, it says. I am compelled. So I sink down and meet it in the dark. Cold cement under my feet.It puts its lips to my ear. I can't see it but its hot breath burns my cheek.It says...failure. It says...worthless. It wants to dance that tune all night...too bad...I've got a new song... ...And I'm a fucking good dancer." Ianetti let the shell fly... and the Man in the Window screeched a wail that sounded like the roar of 1000 souls. The shell exploded into a fireball. The room lit in every corner. The Man in the Window seized Ianetti. Peering into his eyes with glowing orbs... "DAddy sAiD to wait By The window..." "The wait is done now..." said Ianetti. "And so are you..." The fireball roared and the Parsons home imploded into a blazing cone of flames.No more doors...No more windows. |#moviescript#calmeslikeastory#hauntedhouse#horrormovies