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Andrea Leigh Harris (@andi.leigh) Instagram Profile Photoandi.leigh

Andrea Leigh Harris


A Texas girl real strongTaught me this strong songSo when I start to bawlShe says, "let your teardrops fall"All the Pinot, Pinot Grigio girlsPour your heart outWatch your blues turn gold#embroidery#beginner#ladygaga#grigiogirls#joanneworldtour#threads#fabric#lights#sewing

バイロン (@byrondanieluz) Instagram Profile Photobyrondanieluz


Meg Marie (@meghladon) Instagram Profile Photomeghladon

Meg Marie


What an incredible honor and thrill it was to be in the same room as her not once but TWICE this last week. Gaga, the woman I most admire and respect. Last Sunday in Houston was emotional for me, seeing her in person for the first time. She was so raw and vulnerable with us in sharing her grief in losing her best friend Sonja to cancer this year. We were all in tears and grieving right there with her. I have loved this girl and felt a kindred spirit connection to her for almost ten years now and it's hard to put into words everything that she’s come to mean to me. We share a PTSD diagnosis and she’s such a fierce advocate for mental health awareness. She understands the pain and the daily struggle. And as she says, you cannot know strength without knowing pain. She’s one hell of a strong warrior and she makes me (and countless others) feel known and understood. That’s an invaluable gift she gives to the world. My amazing husband Spencer saw how emotional Sunday was for me... he always sees me and seeks to show me love the best way he can. My anxiety took me away from some of the experience in Houston so without me knowing it he began looking for new tickets for us so I could have another night with her. He surprised me in the most beautiful way with amazing seats to the Dallas show on Friday. (Most awesome husband/person/being ever award goes to Spencer Cogburn, hands down.) Friday’s show was a wonderful second chance at seeing her and I must say it was truly one of the happiest and most favorite nights of my life. I have to thank Gaga for putting on such incredible performances this week, for sharing her heart with all of us, for letting us in on her grief and inviting us to cry and heal alongside her. Thank you, Joanne (“don’t call me Gaga, call me Joanne”), for not giving up, for going on each day, for showing us all true strength and giving us hope and inspiring life. Thank you for reaching out to those of us who grieve what cancer has done in our lives, who struggle with mental illness, who fight just to keep going. Thank you for speaking the truth with grace and kindness and spreading love and equality... (Continued in comments)