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nongmaw_cat (@nongmaw_cat) Instagram Profile Photo nongmaw_cat


image by nongmaw_cat (@nongmaw_cat) with caption : "#goodmorning #cats" - 1699016854284201988
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Jane-chan 🖤 (@enaj032384) Instagram Profile Photo enaj032384

Jane-chan 🖤

image by 💋Ink✒ (@salutationsfrenchfries) with caption : "🌟Dream Talk with Ink🌟
I just woke up from sleeping in, & I had a 'weird' dream about Keanu Reeves.
I went to this huge s" - 1699016783065694621
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🌟Dream Talk with Ink🌟 I just woke up from sleeping in, & I had a 'weird' dream about Keanu Reeves. I went to this huge shopping center to buy lash glue because I was going to my formal (honestly, I never want to relieve my formal, let alone dream about it💀) This shopping center had steep af travelators. Something that terrifies me because fuck that shit. Anyway, I'm with my mum, refusing to go up this steep bitch, having a panic attack and guess who's there? Keanu Reeves 😍 This man is greeting everybody because apparently that's his job ? He looks at me, sees that I'm close to death & TURNS AWAY TO IGNORE ME 😢 This Bitch 😒 I blackout & when I wake up, I'm in court (which is located within the shops ?) And Keanu is there because someone's suing him. The judge wanted to hear my side of the story but I told him that Keanu is hot as hell. I feel personally attacked that he ignored me, but he's a great guy. I leave the courtroom & Keanu follows, that's when he tells me that he ignored me because he's crushing on me. Pay no mind to the fact that I was panicking, just be all bashful 😅 My father was against this because I was happy dating Keanu, & he said he doesn't want me to be happy. Don't worry, he's like that irl too. Of course I defied him & continued dating Keanu. My father than hires fucking SWAT to arrest my man. Keanu goes all John Wick & starts taking them out (mind you this all takes place at this damn shopping center), this one guy had a clear shot but I said that if anyone hurt my man, I won't hesitate to slaughter everyone in here. I don't know what happened next because I woke up, & the only reason I'm sharing this random ass dream is because it's stuck in my head. Who would harm this pure man ?? ▫▫▫ ▫▫▫ ▫▫▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ #goodmorning

Наталья Назарова ♥ Бизнес NL (@asha_al20) Instagram Profile Photo asha_al20

Наталья Назарова ♥ Бизнес NL

Instagram Image by HJ (@myreve419) with caption : "-
밥먹고싶당 🍚🥘🍣
#goodmorning" at Suncheon, Cholla-Namdo, Korea - 1699016706452043491

- 바쁜날..빨리나가야되는뎅..종아리가천근만근 밥먹고싶당 🍚🥘🍣 😖🤧😷 #goodmorning