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Elina 🌍🌌Ukrainian🇺🇦in Köln🇩🇪 (@ma_lyusya) Instagram Profile Photo ma_lyusya

Elina 🌍🌌Ukrainian🇺🇦in Köln🇩🇪

Next point of our trip after Viñales was Cienfuegos. Because we don't search for an easy life and want to see Cuban one from the deep inside 😜. Cienfuegos is really a "deep inside" place in the middle of nowhere 🙈. It was too boring and we traded off viewing flamingo lake for a trip to an emergency station, using a taxi with broken speedometer and natural ventilation 😂. At that moment I would agree to use any kind of transportation, even to ride a violet lizard to get there 😅 That much the skin was burning due to an unknown allergy 👾😲. If I don't search for an adventure, adventure is finding me by itself, ask my friends, it is never boring 😅. So, if you ever pass by Cienfuegos - pass by 😜. Or find yourself a personal adventure. Следующим пунктом после Виньялеса в нашем путешествии был Сьенфуэгос. Потому что мы не ищем лёгкой жизни и хотим увидеть кубинскую жизнь глубоко изнутри 😜. А Сьенфуэгос действительно, если можно так выразиться, очень глубоко внутри 🙈. Там было настолько скучно, что мы выменяли поездку на озеро с фламинго на увлекательное путешествие в скорую помощь 😂. На такси с неработающим спидометром и увековеченной временем вентиляцией 😁 В тот момент я бы согласилась на любой вид транспортировки, даже скакать на фиолетовой ящерице - настолько жгло лицо от неизвестной аллергии 👾😲. Если я не ищу приключений, они меня находят сами, спросите моих друзей и они подтвердят, что скучать не придётся 😅. В общем, если проезжаете мимо Сьенфуэгос - проезжайте. Или ищите себе развлечения как можете. #germany

BIGBASH HANDICRAFTS & TEXTILES (@bigbashcraftsandtextiles) Instagram Profile Photo bigbashcraftsandtextiles


Give your dull wall space an instant face-lift, with this beautiful hand-painted decorative wall plate. Although it is a classic wall decor, this plate may also be used as a festive platter. This product has been handcrafted by skilled artisans. The visible brush strokes and neat free-hand curves are the artistic expressions of our craftsmen, which cannot be reproduced in digital print. Color shades, pattern and polish may vary slightly around the surface, since the painting is done free-style. Delivery Time: 10-15 Days For more details, designs and price of the product you can mail us : or you can call us : India: +91 8824829501 | London: +44 7921514349 *Price may vary design to design* #germany

Aitor Arruza Palleja (@aitorpalleja) Instagram Profile Photo aitorpalleja

Aitor Arruza Palleja

Idstein Report Download 0 0

Nevada en Idstein #germany

René van de Schraaf (@renevandeschraaf) Instagram Profile Photo renevandeschraaf

René van de Schraaf

image by René van de Schraaf (@renevandeschraaf) with caption : "Be at the forefront of a huge growing industry!

Expanding my business and looking for entrepreneurial people in the USA" - 1696735386337825041
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Be at the forefront of a huge growing industry! Expanding my business and looking for entrepreneurial people in the USA, UK, Germany, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Working in the nutrigenomics industry which is expected to grow huge in the next coming years. (up to 600 billiion $ in 2020) Read my website and contact me so we can set up an online meeting to inform you about a great opportunity! Link in bio! #germany

Alexander Schulmann (@schulmann_a) Instagram Profile Photo schulmann_a

Alexander Schulmann

Ryan Gibson (Bayern Ryan) (@bayern_ryan) Instagram Profile Photo bayern_ryan

Ryan Gibson (Bayern Ryan)

Instagram Image by Ryan Gibson (Bayern Ryan) (@bayern_ryan) with caption : "Coming to the Allianz Arena in Summer 2018." at Cleveland Pines Nursing Center - 1696735156122860210

Coming to the Allianz Arena in Summer 2018.