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This is exactly how I felt yesterday at the Dr. go 1668209687427962624

This is exactly how I felt yesterday at the Dr. going over my #dnareults for #hlaDR and my #treatmentplan for 1st illness #cirsbasically I have 2 sets of "bad" #genesthat make my body unable to recognize and #detoxfrom #biotoxinillness due to exposure to #mycotoxinsfrom #moldas well as bacteria and co infections from #lymediseaseknow we know #whycantigetbetter#chronicillness#msidsAfter a long battle we will tackle 2nd #marconsa antibiotic resistent staph infection in my sinus due to toxic mold 3rd see if we can strengthen my #immunesystemto tackle Lyme if not then we go make a plan to manage symptoms while the #governmentfights over finding a cure. This is all while trying to detox from heavy metal toxins - aluminum in my brain, battle #anemiaand the awful symtpoms of #msidsMultiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome. We know I also have at genetic mutations of #mthfrcausing my vitamin B deficiency and factor V blood clot disorder. I am a carrier of #cysticfibrosisgene mutation and that is why I only have one child. Dr finished appointment by saying I need you to understand You are VERY sick and its going to be a long road but im confident we can get you better! In 4 years I have seen over 15 doctors, 2 trips to ER, 2 surgical procedures to remove pre cancer cells, over 20 different failed medications with over 150 lab and diagnostic tests Unfortunately, the 75% of those since July 2017 when I was bed ridden with joint pain, brain fog, memory loss, chronic fatigue and lots more symtpoms. In my life I have had more years of bad health then I can recall, another few dozen doctors, countless tests and 7 other surgeries BUT after 39.5 years I finally have a diagnosis! Since we knew something was very wrong in my body despite my labs being "normal" we decided to see what was biologically wrong and devise a treatment plan. My body is full of biotoxins and I need help to get better and plan for future toxin exposures #scienceisamazing#alluminumsucksinyourbody#lymewarrior#mindblown#imtootired

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Oh goody, oh goody, oh goody!! I got a present! Th 1668193738771685034

Oh goody, oh goody, oh goody!! I got a present! Thank you @ags_healthandwellness‼️ If you haven’t noticed, I nerd out over some health and wellness science/apps/gadgets. I want to know my body as best as I can so I can be at the top of my game, which is why I am SO stoked to be sending in my spit swabs today to AGS in Arizona. Unlike some other genetic testing companies, AGS is specific to discovering details about your health & wellness: how to train and how to eat for your specific DNA. It offers insight into: General Health, Risk of Obesity, Food Choice, Exercise & Activity, Behavior & Motivation and Nutrients so that I’ll be able to tailor my diet and workouts to better suit my genetic type...YO, THAT’S SO COOL. I would love to have these details about all of my clients so they get the best results possible...and my friends and family because who doesn’t wanna know that stuff?! I have a promo code for y’all if ya interestedStay tuned for my results, they should be here in 2-3 weeks. Yep, yep, yep!

Research suggests that eating a big breakfast in t 1668136549160349085

Research suggests that eating a big breakfast in the morning can go a long way to curbing your weight gain because you’ll feel fuller for longer throughout the day. It doesn’t only matter if you eat breakfast though, but what it contains. Focusing on protein and fats will keep you fuller for longer - think eggs & avocado.#dnafit#dna#genes#genetics#fitness#nutrition#food#foodpic#foodie#foodblog#breakfast#breakfastlover#eatbreakfast#weightloss#fatloss#toneup#avocado#eggs#brunch#brunching#breakfasttime#lovefood#eatgoodfeelgood#motivation#goals#fitfam#gains