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A Registered Charity, Est 1992 (@safecitymississauga) Instagram Profile Photosafecitymississauga

A Registered Charity, Est 1992

Shoutout our inspiring youth development facilitat 1670428096833847178

Shoutout our inspiring youth development facilitator who presented to all 1,900 students at St Marcellinus Secondary School to educate on consent and explore the signs of unhealthy relationships! Thank you for having us St Marcellinus!

A Registered Charity, Est 1992 (@safecitymississauga) Instagram Profile Photosafecitymississauga

A Registered Charity, Est 1992

As we round out the last day of our White Ribbon C 1670420390446230898

As we round out the last day of our White Ribbon Campaign, we hope to see progressions beyond one day of the year! Educate one another on womens safety and healthy relationships. Early prevention is key in crime prevention - if you know any secondary schools in Peel who may be interested in our Crossroads assembly presentations for youth, please contact us at our website in our bio!

RenFitness (@renfitnessgym) Instagram Profile Photorenfitnessgym


Training youth athletes is one of our FAVORITE thi 1670409371825020945

Training youth athletes is one of our FAVORITE things. And training youth mixed teams is amazing! We're thrilled to help prove on a daily basis that all genders are athletic, strong and capable of learning and improving. That messaging starts with our youth. #genderequity

Girls in STEM (@curiousmindsau) Instagram Profile Photocuriousmindsau

Girls in STEM


[Watch] one of our students from NT, Ianna Lalim and her mentor Gabriella Martini, a mechanical engineer in mining industry, share their #curiousmindsexperience with @sbs_australiaat the summer camp

Harvest Fair Australia (@harvest_fairau) Instagram Profile Photoharvest_fairau

Harvest Fair Australia

What a great way to end the year - a wonderful lea 1670216333236579180

What a great way to end the year - a wonderful leadership development session with the talented Sonali from Equality Consulting, and then a Christmas lunch to cheers the last few months and the year to come!

Parlour (@_parlour) Instagram Profile Photo_parlour


How does gender equity in the profession stack up, 1670037138769918664

How does gender equity in the profession stack up, in Perth?.GET WA – the local gender equity taskforce, which is seeking funding for a range of activities next year – has analysed the gender composition of Perth’s 20 largest architectural firms (those with more than eight staff, and working off available website information only)..That analysis revealed that of 89 directors only seven are female. This disparity results in women staying in lower paid roles for longer, or leaving the profession more readily (compared to their male counterparts), which in turn leads to the gender pay gap..GET WA also found that women areunder-represented in many of the prizes, awards and chair positions within the industry. In the 34-year history of the Architects Board Award (WA), only one female has received the prize. Similarly, in the 56 years of the Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal, only two females have been recognised..While this is most certainly a factor of the above problems (as most prizes of this nature go to those in leadership positions), this may also be an element of female architects working under-the-radar and not being willing to put themselves forward..GET WA asserts that more female architects need to be encouraged and inspired to enter themselves and others into awards programs and become more visible in the architectural community generally, and has devised a program of activities to facilitate that goal..Q U E S T I O N:What can you do, as an individual, to promote your work and your contribution to the profession more broadly?...@institute_architects_aus@architects_wa@institute_architects_act@institute_architects_qld@institute_of_architects_tas@institute_architects_vic@architecturensw@adlarchigram@ntarchitecture@sounds_like_design..#architectslife#archdaily#archilovers#architecturelover#architects_wa#architectswa#waarchitecture#westernaustralianarchitecture#architecturewesternaustralia#perthhome#pertharchitecture#pertharchitects#perthdesign#perthdesigner#perthinteriordesign#dia#businessofarchitecture#genderequity#parlour#worklifebalance#womenarchitects

Parlour (@_parlour) Instagram Profile Photo_parlour



Why a women only event – isn’t that a bit sexist?.I decided to hold the first #wwwevent at my own home because I wanted to create a comfortable environment for women to openly discuss their needs and opinions. At the same time, I’m conscious of the fact that men will play a pivotal role in bringing about gender equity at work..Our next #workwomenwisdomevent – to be held on International Womens Day, 2018 – will be open to everyone. We all know that gender equity and equality isn’t just a women’s issue: these issues will start to affect more men as they take on more caring roles in future..Although Parlour’s research pointed to women leaving the profession in large numbers in their 30s and 40s, we acknowledge that there are broader issues facing women architects than those specifically related to caring for families, and we aim to discuss them as widely as possible..We want to consider everybody’s different experiences and requirements, and work together to reduce the barriers that prevent people from fully participating in the workforce..Q U E S T I O N:Apart from issues around family and caring roles, what are your major concerns about the way we work, as architects?...Images of our house - designed by me and my partner @neilcowniearchitect- courtesy of Australian House & Garden Magazine. Photography by Angelita Bonnetti. Styling by Anna Flanders.....@institute_architects_aus@architects_wa@neilcowniearchitect@institute_architects_act@institute_architects_qld@institute_of_architects_tas@institute_architects_vic@architecturensw@adlarchigram@ntarchitecture@sounds_like_design..#architectslife#archdaily#archilovers#architecturelover#architects_wa#architectswa#waarchitecture#westernaustralianarchitecture#architecturewesternaustralia#perthhome#pertharchitecture#pertharchitects#perthdesign#perthdesigner#perthinteriordesign#dia#businessofarchitecture#genderequity#parlour#worklifebalance#womenarchitects


How does your city stack up?#tampahas the smallest pay gap for both black and white women.#houstonhas the biggest pay gap for both #latinasand white women.#pittsburghhas the smallest gender pay gap for #latinasbut the biggest gap for Asian women.Click the link in bio to see where your city stands....#equalpay#paygap#genderpaygap#wagegap#money#genderequity#genderequality#aauw