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Anna Marie Darkholme RVA model (@anna.rvamodel) Instagram Profile Photoanna.rvamodel

Anna Marie Darkholme RVA model

Whenever anyone has called me a bitch, I have take 1669303370224941033

Whenever anyone has called me a bitch, I have taken it as a compliment. To me, a bitch is assertive, unapologetic, demanding, intimidating, intelligent, fiercely protective, in control — all very positive attributes. But it’s not supposed to be a compliment, because there’s that stupid double standard: When men are aggressive and dominant, they are admired, but when a woman possesses those same qualities, she is dismissed and called a bitch.These days, I strive to be a bitch, because not being one sucks. Not being a bitch means not having your voice heard. Not being a bitch means you agree with all the bullshit. Not being a bitch means you don’t appreciate all the other bitches who have come before you. Not being a bitch means since Eve ate that apple, we will forever have to pay for her bitchiness with complacence, obedience, acceptance, closed eyes, and open legs."- Margaret Cho.Question for the other freelance female models that follow me, how often are you dismissed or even met with hostility if you speak like you know what you're doing and have some basic professional expectations? 🤔: @etsimagery️Please check out my modeling profile for stats, booking policy, rates, etc.️MM: 4054041: darkholme_model: anna_rvamodelDeviantArt: DarkholmeModel:

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Plan International


We bet you didn't know about these HUGE wins for girls' rights that happened this year. And they happened DIRECTLY because of the #girlstakeoveron the International Day of the Girl.️NEPAL: 20 girls are now HOSTING their own radio shows after 300 girls took over radio stations across the country on Day of the Girl. Why this is a big deal? 80% of people in Nepal use radio as their main source of information.ECUADOR: 24 campaigners in Ecuador came together to draft a resolution addressing violence faced by girls. The bill was unanimously approved.GUNIEA: Because of Aissata's takeover of the President of Guinea, he pledged to work with the African Union to #endchildmarriageacross the continentAUSTRALIA: Metro Trains in Australia is developing an app so girls and women have a discreet way to report harassment - as a direct result of a takeover by youth ambassadors of the Australian Parliament.️TIMOR-LESTE: Five village chiefs signed a declaration committing to facilitate gender training for teachers, police officers, health workers, civil servants after Luciana took over from her village chief.#activism#youthactivism#campaigning#girlsrights#childrensrights#feminism#leadership#womensrights#genderequality#genderequalityforall#activism#girlsleadership#womensrightsarehumanrights#protectwomensrights#womensrightsmovement#girlsrightsarehumanrights#childrensrightsarehumanrights

Kinda late but power to the silent breakers...L 1667133991160335206

Kinda late but power to the silent breakers...Like too many other people, I too have been sexually assaulted and this is my story #metoo(in the form of an open letter/slam poem)...An open letter to the men who have sexually assaulted me.i never wished or anticipated that I would add to this archive. of too many poems about sexual assault. ..when i was younger i watched SVU, being horrified at the crimes and it sounds cliché but I really never thought it would happen to the first man who sexually assaulted me, i forgive u. i was young and naive and you were…. well overeager....when it happened, i never understood what was happening to me, writing it off as ‘weird’ the soundstage of a live recording of a talk show, i felt almost grateful an older man took notice of me.( i thought i was seen as mature, not seeing he was just a creep.) never fully understanding the situation...the second time it happened, i was on the way to purchase bread for my cousin who was hospital-bound at the time. you slowed on ur motorcycle and i stopped, waiting for u to pass...but u didnt. u stopped and u groped me. and i froze. at this point, i was fully aware of what was happening to me. and i broke down feeling completely helpless. ..and i was told that it was a learning experience and to forgive, as if that was as simple as flipping a switch. it wasnt. i did tho. forgive. not for them. not for society. not for anyone. but for me. because i deserve peace and no one but me could give me that...i learned though that forgiveness is not the same as fully being rid of the pain. and thats okay....#feminism#feminismisglobal#intersectionalfeminism#intersectionality#malala#womensrights#genderequality#genderequalityforall#stoprapeculture#stopvictimblaming#misogyny#equalrights#notguilty#asurvivornotavictim#sexualassault#womenarenotobjects#feminist#iamafeminist#genderisaspectrum#feminismrules#feministbitch#nastywoman#girllove#rapecultureisreal#rapeculture#fuckrapeculture