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Parisa Moravedje Torbaty ( Instagram Profile Photo

Parisa Moravedje Torbaty

Today, we placed our first temporary crowns. We performed crown preparations on teeth and . We placed a silver ion crown on tooth and a custom Protemp crown on tooth . Although I struggled with crown preparations, placing temporary crowns has probably been my favorite dental procedure that we have learned thus far. Seeing the finished product after shaving the tooth down is just so rewarding. Knowing that one day, I will be able to help people smile again by performing procedures similar to the ones that I learned today remind me of why I am doing what I am doing. 😊👑

Catherine Monahan (@catherinemonahan) Instagram Profile Photo catherinemonahan

Catherine Monahan

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❤️ this guy and what he's doing! Keep inspiring us @coconogales #future ❤️😘🙏🙌⭐️⭐️⭐️🏄🏄🏄 @coconogales with @get_repost ・・・ @ahava.project ・・・ Un hermoso proyecto diciembre 2017 en conjunto con la fundación de cancer caritas de ángel! Una hermosa experiencia que no solo los niños vivieron si no que también nosotros aprendimos mucho de ellos! Usando el surf como medicina para el cuerpo y alma haciéndolos sentir libres y felices:) Todos ellos muy valientes ya que muchos de ellos nunca habían visto el mar y lo enfrentaron con valentía y felicidad disfrutando cada momento!! Gracias gracias a todos los que hicieron este proyecto posible y sobre todo un grande agradecimiento al resto del equipo por hacer este proyecto realidad! @pulgasmarley Maui chilla, @ahavasurflessons Chuchin, @davidluengaz Tibo MIGUEL, julio billete, @graham__new ... ... A wonderful project together with the foundation of cancer caritas de angel from puerto escondido! A wonderful project where all of this kids had the opportunity to see the ocean because most of them never have seen it before and less never had the experience of surfing 🏄🏻 some of them come from oaxaca city and some from the zone of puerto escondido! We using surfing as medicine for the body and soul and I can tell you they were sooo happy and enjoyed there time to the fullest!! Want to thank every one who made this possible and specially thanks to my team! Video clip by @nnm.project @hurley @laureussport @bobhurley @patchy_o @jro_oconnell @corycrespo @cmxmexico @gus_duccini @futuresfins @stickybumpswax @intsurfboards @redbullmexico @graham__new @radek_jelinek

ARini Ramadhani Andriani (@ariniramadhanireal_20) Instagram Profile Photo ariniramadhanireal_20

ARini Ramadhani Andriani

Instagram Image by ARini Ramadhani Andriani (@ariniramadhanireal_20) with caption : "Failure in life is one of the processes for success ☺💕 .

#future #dreamscometrue #like4like #lovecats #likepet #ari" at Jakarta, Indonesia - 1694786578667594480

Failure in life is one of the processes for success ☺💕 . . . #future 🐱💖

💳💰Wealthy Life 2018💰💳 (@wealthylife2018) Instagram Profile Photo wealthylife2018

💳💰Wealthy Life 2018💰💳

image by 💳💰Wealthy Life 2018💰💳 (@wealthylife2018) with caption : "🆕Take A FREE Position NOW Before CTFO Officially Launches Their New Hot🔥 CBD (Cannabinoil)🌿 Product Line! Start Your Own" - 1694786214072281395
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🆕Take A FREE Position NOW Before CTFO Officially Launches Their New Hot🔥 CBD (Cannabinoil)🌿 Product Line! Start Your Own Business FREE👈 ⏬⏬⏬ Become An Associate FREE --->>> #future motivated

image by with caption : "Show Some Love❤
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