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Brendon Fox (@chicagowoodsman) Instagram Profile Photochicagowoodsman

Brendon Fox

I really like how my DIY handle turned out on my s 1667508882556577857

I really like how my DIY handle turned out on my spark rod.

Adam&Autumn Joseph 🌱 (@disclosureguru) Instagram Profile Photodisclosureguru

Adam&Autumn Joseph 🌱

A new #study shows that #cats—especially #feral on 1667498533706005587

A new #studyshows that #cats —especially #feralones—kill far more birds and small mammals than scientists previously thoughtThere are so many ways for a little #birdor #squirrelto die these days–they can be squished by cars, splattered into buildings, run over by bulldozers, poisoned or even shot. But if you have ever had to clean up a mangled “present” left on your doorstep by a #kitty , you’ll know that little creatures can also be killed by pets.Cats in particular have earned a nasty reputation for themselves as blood thirsty killers of #wildlife . They have been named among the top 100 worst invasive species (PDF) in the world. Cats have also earned credit for countless island #extinctions . Arriving onto the virgin specks of land alongside sailors, the naive native fauna didn’t stand a chance against these clever, efficient killers. All said, cats claim 14 percent of modern bird, #amphibianand #mammalisland extinctions. But what about the mainland?A recent study aimed to find out just that. Now the stats are in, and it’s much worse than we thought. But before bird lovers rush to declaw pets, the study’s scientists also found that feral cats and strays–not house cats–are responsible for the majority of the killings.To arrive at the new findings, researchers from the #smithsonian ’s Migratory Bird Center and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Center assembled a systematic review of every U.S.-based cat predation study known in the scientific literature (excluding #hawaiiand #alaska ). Based on figures the authors verified as scientifically rigorous, they statistically quantified the total bird and small mammal mortality estimate caused by cats, further breaking the categories down into domestic versus unowned cats, that latter of which the authors define as barnyard kitties, strays that receive food from kind #humansand cats that are completely wild.Their results paint a grim picture for wildlife. In a paper published today in #naturecommunications , they write that between 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds lose their lives to cats each year in the United States. 🆕⬇️ More continued below in COMMENTS ⬇️🆕

Lets Talk About Pigeons (@pigeonfan) Instagram Profile Photopigeonfan

Lets Talk About Pigeons

#Feral#Wild#Pigeons (Pic from @pigeonhomies Follow 1667498431760800492

#feral #wild #pigeons(Pic from @pigeonhomiesFollow him/her/them for this amazing photo and other great stuff) We will try our best to keep up with the reposts coming. Wanna share your pigeon's pictures with us !!?? Then just tag us in your pigeon's pictures with these - @pigeonfanor #pigeonfanand follow us for more staggering pigeon related content !!

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William Taylor

Civility, respect, empathy and fellowship with rec 1667497931219729316

Civility, respect, empathy and fellowship with reckless abandon. #feral#violence#spade#chokehold#naked#lentils(thanks for taking the photo Dan)

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Keep Feral Company

Death found a lot of us in that place. Took some a 1667494542616428907

Death found a lot of us in that place. Took some and left others to wonder 'Why was I spared?' Eventually, you begin to form your own answers to that question. Some satisfactory. Others not. In the end it doesn't matter why. Just that you did.