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Anvil Knoxville (@anvilknoxville) Instagram Profile Photoanvilknoxville

Anvil Knoxville

Did you kno there is a group of large insurance co 1652519864209938225

Did you kno there is a group of large insurance companies wanting Oil & Gas to help PAY for climate change??? You better believe it! And will be especially pertinent as more information is exposed regarding the large Energy giants’ criminal negligence covering up Climate Science! #exxonknewand they are most certainly going to have to PAY!!! They all knew! The blood of millions of ensuing climate refugees is on their hands #criminal#climaterevolutionbut more has gotta be done to repair the salt marshes that are being destroyed by rising oceans! (These contain more carbon than the entire atmosphere 3x’s over!) This chart shows the billions that have already been destroyed by catastrophic weather events in buildings and houses! Much not covered by insurance! And this is only going to get worse, as many insurer movie to insulate themselves from the problems! Pressure must be put on 1) how we procure the money from these raving lunatics who are going to get us all killed (the oil and gas companies) and 2) how we spend it appropriately to not just make sure our scientists, ecologists, and preservationists are heard but also make sure this doesn’t just become a way of raising rent and protecting only the neighborhoods of privelage! We must act swiftly #getinvolved#climatechangeisreal#rentcontrol

delaneybikes & gypsycab1 (@ecotise) Instagram Profile Photoecotise

delaneybikes & gypsycab1

#3 Climate in the courts."We should be on the off 1651706084123780351

#3Climate in the courts."We should be on the offensive....For Hansen, the key is to make the 100 big “carbon majors” – corporations like ExxonMobil, BP and Shell that are, by one account, responsible for more than 70% of emissions – pay for the transition to cleaner energy and greater forests. Until governments make them do so by introducing carbon fees or taxes, he says, the best way to hold them to account and generate funds is to sue them for the damage they are doing to the climate, those affected and future generations." Read the entire Guardian article at: #publictrustdoctrine#climatechange#youthvgov#exxonknew#keepitintheground#seeyouincourtPhoto: James Hansen and Mary Wood; Photo Credit: @dannyepearson

DeSmog UK (@desmoguk) Instagram Profile Photodesmoguk

DeSmog UK

Big Oil Companies Being Sued for Climate Impacts C 1650081439989838973

Big Oil Companies Being Sued for Climate Impacts Could be a ‘New Normal’...Story by Mat Hope at link in bio...Photo credit: Johnny Silvercloud via Flickr...#climatechange#climate#exxonknew#bigoil#justice#globalwarming#environment

Rob Gell (@gellignite) Instagram Profile Photogellignite

Rob Gell

Remarkable. #exxonknew billboard. 1649515930100894159

Remarkable. #exxonknewbillboard.

Evan Benzinger (@evanbenzinger) Instagram Profile Photoevanbenzinger

Evan Benzinger

international spill 1642876468445579184

international spill

Robert Meyers (@qoqbob) Instagram Profile Photoqoqbob

Robert Meyers

#climate change has transferred the harvest Moon t 1639490682552063763

#climatechange has transferred the harvest Moon to Novembe. Still harvesting tomato’ in the@mod -Atlantic #hyattsville#exxonknew#maryland#pgcounty#moon

Build A Better Planet (@buildabetterplanet) Instagram Profile Photobuildabetterplanet

Build A Better Planet

#ClimateChangeIsReal ... AND #ExxonKnew about it.1639395787615394922

#climatechangeisreal... AND #exxonknewabout it.

Fossil Free UCSC (@fossilfreeucsc) Instagram Profile Photofossilfreeucsc

Fossil Free UCSC

Publicly humiliate ExxonMobil? Check.On Monday, F 1638707888363026717

Publicly humiliate ExxonMobil? Check.On Monday, Fossil Free UCSC attended the ExxonMobil recruitment meeting ~ and it was a huge SUCCESS! The Exxon representative's only selling point to potential recruits was that they could make a lot of money and occasionally "escape" from the headquarters in Houston, Texas. In response to this statement, Fossil Free UCSC member Liam Ruff raised his hand and said, "those who are facing climate change do not have the ability nor the privilege to simply 'escape'".In July of 1977, #exxonknewabout the detrimental impacts of burning fossil fuels. They have since spent hundreds of billions of dollars undermining critical climate legislation and spreading doubt. Join us in denouncing ExxonMobil and their corrupt operations.Read more about the meeting's events and outrageous quotes on our Facebook page!

Purchase NYPIRG (@purchasenypirg) Instagram Profile Photopurchasenypirg

Purchase NYPIRG

Reptar thinks Exxon should be held accountable for 1637938403550922287
SUNY PurchaseReportShareDownload122

Reptar thinks Exxon should be held accountable for lying about climate change! #exxonknew#climateaction