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Katie Perez

Has anyone else not (really) started holiday shopping? ‍️ Gone are the days when I've gotten it all done before Black Friday (Week?). Anyway, if you're looking for some gifts from independent makers and live in the NJ/NYC area, I'm tabling at a couple of local holiday craft markets! Swipe for more info!

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Chalière 🍀

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Crochet ô fil 🌿 Marie-Alice 🌿

En pleine séance "crochet" dans le train !le pet 1669080489439217680

En pleine séance "crochet" dans le train !le petit cheval avance bien ! Vous le verrez bientôtCrochet crochet... in the train ! I'll be home soon... a new little horse is coming, you will meet him soon.#crochet#crocheting#peluche#toy#horse#cheval#crochetlove#crochetaddict#faitmain#peluchefaitemain#handmadetoy#train#journey#home#etsy#etsyseller

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Instagram • Social Media Pro

Let’s take a short break from Giveaways topic- we1669080170126272001

Let’s take a short break from Giveaways topic- we will discuss giveaways with celebrities and multiple bloggers later. This week I will explain what you should do if you got banned by Instagram.Let’s say that you, my naughty friend, broke all rules I listed here #instagramban_msm ,and as a result, got banned.What will happen next? For sure you will go trough 5 stages of grief and loss:1️⃣Denial - “C’mon, this isn’t happening. My blog (34 followers!) about behavior of blue budgerigars was the most interesting blog that has ever existed on Instagram! They couldn’t do it to me. It might be a mistake!”2️⃣Anger - You hate Instagram and wish Facebook’s shares to be trade at 1 cent a share.3️⃣Bargaining - “If only they got known how useful my blog was! No one else can tell you what is the right way to feed blue budgies!”4️⃣Depression - You worry about all content you might lose/have lost and all those 34 followers who have to live now without new portion of budgerigars everyday.5️⃣Acceptance - Finally, you are here!Now we can discuss what you should do next with your account.Best-case scenario: your account wasn’t banned/disabled, it was just frozen for certain period of time, either entirely frozen, or frozen from certain actions. (For the future, to protect from getting frozen often, every time you see pop-up message “Action Blocked”, use the “Tell Us” button to tell Instagram that they’ve made a mistake.) Try to change info in bio. It might help.You also can try “Report problem” from the Option menu ( choose ‘Something isn’t working’ , fill in the form and tap on the Send button). If it doesn’t help (most likely it will not), just wait. Once your account is defrosted, stop any activity for 2-3 days. After 2-3 days you can get back to your normal social life.Worst-case scenario: it was really disabled/banned. Well … what can I say? That must had been a really serious violation indeed! (Didn’t I ask you to stop selling meth and AK 47 on Instagram?!) What should you do then?I will tell you in my next post. Turn on post notifications, stay tuned and may your account stay alive!...#socialmediamarketing#instagrammarketing#smm

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Our pretty Guardian Angel keyrings come in a few d 1669080422849602520

Our pretty Guardian Angel keyrings come in a few different colour waysAvailable at our EBay and Etsy stores. eBay link in bio. PoppyMilkDesigns on Etsy #guardianangel#goodluck#goodluckcharm#keyring#keycharm#keychains#stockingfillers#christmasgift#christmaspresent#giftideas#gifts#etsy#etsylove#etsylife#etsyshop#etsyworld#etsyseller#etsyfinds